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    There is a really cheap version from the German firm Gode. You can always find them on the German ebay. There is a real one for sale here.............


    ORDEN POUR LE MERITE F?R KUNST UND WISSENSCHAFTEN Ordensdekoration 2. Form von Wilm. Gold und Emaille, 55 mm an goldenem Bandring. Im orig. Verleihungsetui mit einliegendem Halstrageband. Von gro?er Seltenheit ! H?sken 4.07.01 I

    Cat.No. 3767 - Catalog A ? 17.500,00

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    The original tooling was actually made by Hossauer, who was eventually taken over by Wagner. This means that the tooling and hence the pieces are pretty much identical. Differences are only the marking by either Hossauer on the reverse or site, yes site, of the pieces and the way the eagle in the middle of the piece was finished.

    Wilm was the official manufacuturer after WWII. Yes, they are expensive but extremly rare. The modern pieces are property of Germany.

    This link will take you to some more pictures: PlM for Arts and Science

    Scroll all the way down for the Arts and Science version.

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