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    Interestig Soviet / Mongolian group


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    Below offered to me for sale (and presumably also to others). Description as from the seller.

    order of merit #1239942

    red star- 117672

    silver star- 319710

    gold star- 78182

    Mongolian order of the polar star- 407

    Mongolian order of combat- 2059

    Mongolian order of military merit 4489

    guards badge ww2 type

    on a supposedly "Mongolian Major's uniform" with also WW2 square visored cap that matches this Victory Parade uniform set (again as per the seller).

    Medals all without documents ( :( ) so no way for sure to know if it's a group.

    hefty price tag... but what a find if real - thoughts?

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    and more...

    no doc's so due diligence would have to be done on numbers of awards and timing deduced from that... what was a Mongolian Major doing at Stalingrad is of course one question... well, how did he get there is a better way to put it perhaps

    note - set sold this morning for mucho dineros!

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    Guest Rick Research

    Yup. A Soviet infantry Major's tunic.

    No Victory Over Japan. No Mongolian Victory. Mid to late 1980s Mongolian MMO number, no jubilees in between.

    Nice uniform jammed full of holes so not nice any more.

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    Bob, fine infantry tunic with a crimson edging. A condition on 4 points. Everything, that to me meets today in Russia is in the worst condition. Concerning the Mongolian awards there is a variant of rewarding after the termination of military service. In the sixtieth years many the Soviet experts worked in Mongolia

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    I think it's a put together uniform by a collector back when these awards were cheap and someone wanted to toss some awards on a jacket for display. I've already told one potential buyer to stay away from it unless the price is equal to the "parts" value of the group, so I would make the same advice here as well. I would bet money that it's not a real group.


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