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I've got one in a packet as well, all nicely framed up but no pics unfortunately...but have this one on a ladies bow. Both mine are courtesy of Stogieman - of course!

cheers Jason

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Ah, Marcus weighs in. Nice collection! Folks, the packet set is promised to my buddy across the pond, as soon as I get tired of looking at it. :food-smiley-004:

Don, if you mean the medal bar, it's here:


Bob, the "overlay" is a US Navy radar screen, 1940's vintage. It belonged to my father-in-law.

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I can't top Marcus' display but, I?d like to show off this cased widow?s cross which I have on approval. Please let me know if it?s ok as I?ve never had one in my hands before. There?s no push button catch and no hinge.

Is it normal for a black cross to be placed in a tortoise shell pattern case or should it be in a black case.



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Hi Tony,

My black case is what I deem as a wartime production case, 'mushroom' button and the tip painted black. I've three other examples like this, an orange-red, and deep red....all 'wartime production in mind.

Now as for this mottled case, yes I believe it is acceptable to this widow cross in there. The medals were never (wrong word that really......SELDOM issued in the case, the odd bestowal appears to have been granted)

The case was private purchase and bought by the recipient seperately...that was the guideline and criteria for the incipient issue and to my knowledge from recorded data, the only premise thus to base anything on further.

So I would personally accept this pair as genuine.

The tortoise case as with another red style, you can see it in the pic just I showed...are earlier versions and deem these personally as pre war, the make-up includeing the catch type suggest this to me, along with the outer covering being of a type used on a flowers war box too. Just my own ideals here, nothing gospel though.



The tortoise does come with a catch or not and varying colour scheme's for the rayon silk lineing. Just a personal though, that these are indeed earlier in this series of box.

Mines a bit tatty, you can just see visible the earlier red case to the right of this one.

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Awesome material - thank you all for sharing.

A once common and affordable series of awards - I remember the time when you could not give them away !! Now you seldom see the "next of kin" award.

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I agree with Marcus' observations. The cases were an "official" private purchase item. Harder to find still are the medal bar cases made with the "Treu um Treu" inscription on the inner lid liner.

The "tortoise-shell" cases were indeed early and quite legitimate.

Nice show of awards here! wub.gif

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