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    As noted on WAF, the number of Wilhelm-Ernst Kriegskreuz recipients in the air arms was small, 23 found in O'Connor's research. Of these, the number who were observers would narrow it further.

    I think, but I'm not sure, that the second ribbon is one color, and thus possibly a House Order of Vigilance or the White Falcon with Swords, Saxe-Weimar's principal order. The number of aviation recipients of both the White Falcon and the Wilhelm-Ernst Kriegskreuz is about five or so, according to a quick cross-check of the appendices to O'Connor's book.

    Of these, at least one had a Saxe-Ernestine House Order as well. That ribbon bar doesn't show any other Imperial awards, since #3 appears to be the Ehrenkreuz f?r Frontk?mpfer.

    So without access to any Luftwaffe lists, I'd say you could narrow it down to one hand's worth of names, even if you'd had an accident in shop class.

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    More info from Wildcard:

    Following is Neal?s list of aviation service WEK recipients; your man should be in there somewhere. The ones marked with an astrisk (*) I have positively identified as observers. Those unmarked may or may not be. Good luck and best wishes.

    Hans Freiherr von und zu Fraunberg*

    Max Lochte

    Wolf Thieme

    Kurt or Curt von Haeseler*

    Werner St?hr

    Otto Fl?l

    Ernst Umlauff

    Friedrich Schaefer

    Bruno Schubert*

    Oswald von dem Hagen

    Edmund Nathanael

    Alfred Edler

    Friedrich Freiherr von Th?na

    Walter Jacobi

    Otto Fischer

    Freidrich Brauns

    Viktor Neumann

    Kurt Ernst Emil Hunger

    Hans Weber

    Kurt von Boyneburgk

    Erich F?lle

    Max Rossbach

    Walter Schwarz

    Walter Luge

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    Guest Rick Research

    Am enslogged in Sachsen Weimar, which won't be done until year's end. Luftwaffe officers below General are a Black Hole of missing data.

    Max Lochte*

    Wolf Thieme (too senior for only a Luftwaffe 4)

    Kurt von Haeseler*

    Ernst Umlauff *

    Bruno Schubert* (Not on Neal's list OR in the WEKK roll)

    Oswald von dem Hagen (too senior for only a Luftwaffe 4)

    Edmund Nathanael (killed in action 1917)

    Alfred Edler (NAVY so not him)

    Otto Tischer (typo on Neal's list)

    Kurt Ernst Emil Hunger (a "Palestine" flyer and no Turkish awards so not him)

    Walter Luge (too senior and was an airship officer so not him)

    None of the above possibles listed was active duty Luftwaffe 1945, but bear in mind that until ALL the White Falcon and Ernestine rolls are done to compare with the WEKK, any process of elimination still does not include UNidentified aviators who received these awards while ground soldiers.

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    Hi all

    I wonder if any new information have pupped up regarding identification of this Luftwaffe officer have appeared the last 9 Years  ??

    I am especially interested in Hptm Wolf Thieme from IR 62 for whom I am lacking basic info like date and place of birth.



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