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    Grips of DEATH ! German Machine Guns...

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    The MG08/15 is very likely (I would say 90% or more) to have been captured by the Canadian 8th battalion in Hatchet Wood, an action that resulted in 3 VCs...


    So.... how is that for a huge stroke of luck.... getting info like that!!!!!

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    Chris - you are an inspiration to us - everyone with a woodpile will now want his own machinegun !

    Beautifully maintained and restored weapons - and they must be valuable ? Are you able to insure weapons such as these ? What is the leather case for in #8 - is it for the sights?

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    Chris, can you share the story of the stroke of luck that brought you such valuable information? Just how do you keep getting so lucky?

    There is a list of "trophy weapons" that were brought to Canada. For the most part it tells where these weapons were sent to and with a portion, where they were captured.

    For the MG08 there is just one of these with its number in Canada.

    For the MG08/15 there are 2 guns with the number, one was sent to a university in Nova Scotia, the other to a town in Manitoba. from where it came from it is a pretty sure bet it is the Manitoba gun. I would give it 90% chances.



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    There is a list of "trophy weapons" that were brought to Canada. For the most part it tells where these weapons were sent to and with a portion, where they were captured.

    If anyone is interested, the list and related details can be found at this link:


    A comment made on that site mentions there was a Commission established in 1920, to organize the distribution of war trophies to various communities. The Commisssion stated that any/all such trophies were Crown Property and communities being assigned trophies were required to keep them in good order, and had no legal authority to dispose of them. I don't know if that clause is still in effect or not... :speechless1:

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    For partridge it is not so bad, I have a boy who adopts a suitable position in order to place the MG on his back. It is a ittle annoying and inconvenient at times though as he cannot get his hands/arms competely around to keep the dam thing slipping off. When he is successful I find he tends to suffocate a little with his face submerged in the dirt. Clearly more training required.


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    What was really cool.... the cloth belt was just the rmains, but it had its full amount of rounds, and they were in perfect shape, all 1918 dated.... They are the rounds in the drum today (with new belt of course)

    All rounds emptied using an armourors hammer thingy and heads back in tight as a drum...

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    Chris.... Each time i pass by a certain street I find myself thinking of you... Agreed... barf barf!!! But i thought that if I'd send you a pic I might exorcise this demon....so here goes...


    Yes I know its through the window and yes I also know that there are way too many reflections. But you have a keen eye so I thought why not.

    Now... having a chat with its owner, he says its Swiss circa 1911. Does not mean much to me but maybe it does to you. He also said something about CHF2,500 but then again, I do not know if he was speaking about this baby or some other baby! We were speaking french and his french was rustier than mine...... the other option was german.... mine is non existant smile.gif So misunderstandings could happen!

    Hope u like it anyways ..... and if u can tell me something more about it (apart from "I want it!!") wink.gif I'd appreciate.

    Jim cheers.gif


    Jim the gun appears to be a Bern Arsenal made MG11 as you say displayed with the Swiss optic. The weapon is mounted on a commercial DWM tripod unfortunately for us its displayed the wrong way round would be nice to see the fusee spring cover, go back and tell the person to turn it about its difficult through a glared plate glass window Lol!

    Swiss Maxims are gob drool for us mg nutters the most beautiful ever made.



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    No wonder I couldn't read it. What the heck is a Kolli? It's not in my 1950s German dictionary. Wiki says it's baggage or luggage and that it is plural. I'm surmising that it is something akin to "containers". I didn't think that was the term for the Mg08/15 drums.


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