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    Emblems of the LW in Spain

    François SAEZ

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    Back is post card format with some writtings, for obvious reasons I won't post a pic of it - several fakes of it are already circulating (Mike Heuer (LW collector) had one which he gave me - Having both an original and a copy, I can tell you it is close but no cigar.

    * May I ask you why you ask, do you have one pic like this one?

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    Was this pin worn only while attached to the unit, or did the service member maintain the right to wear it after transfer?



    Paul, I am not sure of regulations for the pins but if you look at the picture the guy is wearing a SC which means he already returned from Spain - I may be wrong here but believe that those badges were only commemorative (like other pins) and were not worn after a new unit affectation - but I may be wrong.

    This particular pin was also worn by Spanish crew.

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    Hello Fran?ois, the sad story happened later.

    The two boxer dogs of Major Fuhrhop, called "Chica" and "Ciro" also died but WWII although

    this time himself perished too.

    On 29th February 1944, in anticipation of a visit from RAF Bomber Command that night,

    it was decided to move the Ju188's of 1/KG6 which he commanded from their Chievres base, to Dreux airfield,

    operating from there against England that night. At 13.00hrs two Ju188's took off

    destination Dreux carrying several groundcrew technicians and his two Boxer dogs.

    Cloud base was low and this combined with rain led the crews to assume that there would be no

    RAF activity en route.

    An hour or so later the Adjutant of 1/KG 6 became concerned at the absence of a

    landing report from Dreux, and was unable to make contact with Dreux Control.

    Later that afternoon the Adjutant was informed that both 188's had been shot down near

    the town of Sebancourt.

    Next morning the remains of the two Ju188's were found to be scattered over a wide area .

    The bodies of the 13 crew members had been moved to a nearby monastery and laid out

    on parachutes.

    The watches of all 13 deceased had stopped at 13.15hrs, just 15 minutes after take off.

    The assumption that weather conditions precluded RAF fighter activity proved to he a

    costly mistake, stooging along at 1,000ft. relaxed; they panicked when cannon fire from 609's

    Typhoons hit them.

    Aircraft and crew details;

    Ju188 coded 3E +AB of Stab 1/KG 6 crashed at Sebancourt 18kms NE of St. Quentin.

    Major Helmut Fuhrhop, pilot, Oberfeldwebel Albert Schubert, observer,

    Oberfeldwebel Alfons Eichschmidt, radio operator, Stabsfeldwebel Walter Rehfeldt,

    flight engineer, Oberfeldwebel Wilhelm Schachtschnabel, air gunner

    and Feldwebel Arnold Buettner, mechanic.

    After the war, Major Fuhrhop who was awarded the RK on 22-Nov-1943 were reburied at the german cementery of Lommel in Belgium,

    Block 59 grave 448



    This one is a personal emblem and is attached to a "sad" story.

    "It belongs to 1./K88, aircraft 25-15 (He 111, know as "Pedro 15"), flown by Lt Fuhrhop. His (and his crew) mascot was a black Scotch terrier, who was not as so lucky as the crew, as he was killed over Sagunto on 13 June 1938."

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