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    Guest Rick Research

    Glory 3rd-----

    Post #2) Award Record Card of Afanasy Vasil'evich Kindyakov, born 1912 in the village of (Gulunovka?) in (Ol'khovashy?) Raion of Kharkov Oblast. Not membver of CPSU. Primary education. Ukrainian.

    In army "February 1943" (ERROR!!!!) to November 1945.

    Decorated as Serzhant (3 stripes on straps)/squad leader in 5th Mountain Engineer Sapper Brigade of 2nd Ukrainian Front.

    Now employed at steel foundry Sovkhoz "in the name of Artemo's Youth" in the city of Artimovsa, where he lived at (konstantinovskaya?) 31.

    Post #3) OG 3 # 130,994 issued with Temporary Certificate 014148 (replaced by Orders Book # 926829 per other side top) on 30.9.44 per decree of 6th Gds T(ank) "Brigade" (ERROR-- ARMY, see citation) and signed 22 March 1947, at which time discharged soldier Kindyakov had not recived his campaign medals (normal).

    Post #4) As Sapper Private, he was put in for an Order of the Red star. Shows service in the Great patriotic War on the Southwest and Don Fronts from February to August 1942, Stalingrad Front from August 1942 to July 1943, and with 2nd Ukrainian Front since August 1943. (So no "Defense of" medals for him, only Victory later). HERE it says in Red Army since "1941," called up from Vergkhne-Burlutsky District Military Commissariat in Kharkov Oblast. Unwounded and no previous awards. Home address in Burlaki, wife Mariya Antonovna Kindyakova.

    Citation reads:

    "Private Kindyakov distinguished himself by courage and bravery in combat for the city of BYRLAD. Forded the River Putna at the village of Ivaneshti. Was in the foremost ranks ... for ... as a sapper, Private Kindyakov was one of the first to enter the city of BYRLAD and the village of IVANESHTI, in which manner was captured the ford over the River Putna, so advancing our tanks.

    In combat with the enemy, Private Kindyakov personally destroed 5 enemy soldiers.

    For courage and bravery displayed in fulfillment of military assignments, Private Kindyakov deserves to be decorated with the State Order 'of the Red Star.'

    Commander of the 106th Engineer Sapper Battalion

    Major 'Yemel'yanov'

    2 September 1944"

    Post #5) Approved but as an Order of Glory 3rd Class by Commander of 5th Engineer Sapper "Dniestrovsky" Brigade, Colonel 'Myasnikov.'

    Deserves Order of Glory 3rd per Commander of Engineers 6th Tank Army, Guards Colonel 'Fadsev'

    Conclusion of Army Military Council: award Order of Glory 3rd Class

    Commander 6th Guards Tank Army, Guards Colonel-General (signed under stamp, I can't read it), countersigned by chief commissar Guards Major-General 'Tumanin' 24.9.44

    Noted issued 30.9.44.

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    Nice info indeed.

    I am having two of these researched. I hopethe investment is worth it :-)

    Its allways worth the invested money, Chris. Except maybe British and Commonwealth Medals, you don?t get this much info for any of the orders/medals of other states like Third Reich or French or Romanian or whatever...

    Its allways exiting to learn the story, whatever it is, at least for me... I know, you think similar....

    Let us know, what the results were :cheers:

    Paul, nice Glory and great research :beer:


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    Nice info indeed.

    I am having two of these researched. I hopethe investment is worth it :-)

    I feel that every numbered award is worthy of research. In the worst case, a certain order would be awarded for long service, but at least you have the person's name and award date.

    In the case of the OOG series, this is especially true as each order was most definately ordered for valor in the field. OOG was one of the Orders that was not awarded for Long service or "merit", so each citation is definately an adventure!


    Thank you for the web sites. I had no idea that there were so many note worthy names involved here! I will read up on them when I get home!

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