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    Some Imperial smoking items...

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    Really nice, chaps. I had no idea these items even existed!

    I was particulary taken by 'Ralph A' s cigar box. Fantastic! Something else for me to look out for now.....



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    Guest Rick Research

    Bulgarian ciggies, not a date though.

    No smoking items, me. Just SMOKERS--




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    Guest Rick Research

    Start young!



    There are NO cumulative side effects!!!



    Remember: The GOOD Ricky does not smoke! cool.gif

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    Did somebody say smoke? I love to smoke, it helps keep my blood-pressure in a youthful place. Notice the S--t-eating grin on the last picture posted by my (truly) Evil Twin? See how happy he is? Cubans baybe, pre-embargo Cubans.... they keep you happy!

    Nice stuff Mike, nice stuff Ralph!

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    Nice piece I have an intact Gold Saba box I picked up on top of the Dead Man at Verdun in 1991. Complete except for a scrapnel hole in one corner. The litho is still readable but weak. I will post it when I get it out.

    Here is a nice piece I picked up a few years back on German ebay. It took me 3 months to finally get it, but it was worth the wait. If anyone recognises the mark let me know.

    Dan Murphy

    IPB Image

    IPB Image

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