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    Soviet military toys


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    I saw you were discussing a soviet plaque... interesting.

    And I want to offer to you to discuss another very interesting topic - soviet military toys.

    I'll start from two plastic helmets. This summer I got third, but have no pictures of it.

    These two were in my collection for two years, and now one of them is owned by a son of my very good friend (see admiral's visor caps topic, the boy which is there is that namely happy owner of one of these helmets).

    Third helmet is of a bigger size and has no star and liner.

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    Hi Takc

    What is the helemet with the big star on, I dont recornise that one :unsure:

    Order of Victory

    Had I seen it without the red star I'd have thought it was a French WW1 helmet! Confusing indeed! Do tell please!


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    The helmet is a belgian one, and the star applied is fake, but this done to reproduce the soviet helmet, which soviet army used untill 1936 when a new model was adopted.

    Initially imperial russian army used a number of helmets, purchased in France, differing from french helmets by khaki colour and double-headed eagle emblem on the front side. Later they were re-captured and issued to soviet troops. At those times, they produced a thin steel or thin brass big red-enameled star emblem for helmets. Nowadays the Adrian M15 helmets both with eagle or with a star are a huge rarity, and completely unable to find, especially the adrian helmet red star. I know that Denis R has one original star, and maybe he will be kind to show it to us someday.

    Untill I am not so rich, I hold this mixed up helmet. Repro star is about 30 dollars now, and belgian helmet was a gift from a friend.

    The second type of helmets russian army used was Sohlberg M17, purchased at Solberg factory, a so called Russian M17 helmet.

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    looks very funny at the head of an adult man

    ...and it makes you appear more handsome than ever Takc, along with that cigarette that dangles from your mouth... :D

    Some toys of mine. I have a soft spot for this stuff and would post my Fisher-Price collection if it would comply with the topic at hand. :P

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    That guards tank is nice Richie, from Sevastopol?

    I got it from a guy in Kiev a few years ago via ebay. Its a pretty cool thing and larger than it appears in the photo. About 30 CM long not including the barrel. The friction motor still works also.

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