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    Distinguished Reformer? - When I read the regulations on pg 75 its more like "Excellent Innovator" - or for someone who made an invention or for those who figured out a better process in industry, chemistry, manufacturing, etc... Distinguished Reformer sounds like Martin Luther or Karl Marxx???

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    Sorry - had missed the part on the price we got so tied up with the name... but a fair Ebay price would be in the $25-30 range as its a complete set - add a few more for a carrying document and if there was a full size document then add another $10 or so.

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    The best translation seems to be "excellent innovator".

    The badge is not a worthy one in my opinion. Here in Hungary you can get them for about 6 to 15 USD, though they couldn't be that common. (You had to do something more than the average for getting them, and doing something extra was not a common habit - as it isn't these days) The badge had three grades; I have one in gold and one in bronze (as I remember) with miniatures and cases, from my grandpa.

    The one above seems to be a silver one with the silver cover lost (or is it just me?).

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    In the book Richard S refers to it says there are Gold, Silver and Bronze classes to this award. I have seen a number of silver ones in Flea Markets but don't remember seeing any other grades. I'll have to look this weekend.



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