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    Paul, I wish I had many gold pips to send to you, they always seem to be mising (usually just the one) on Epaulets that I have.

    If it wasn't for you I wouldn't know what the odd collar patch (post 67) that I have was at all!!



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    Here is a nice set to a Fl. Hauptingenieur! If anyone has a set of two matching Officer pips, please keep me in mind!

    Anyway, this set was generously donated to me by a fellow forum member!!! Thank you!



    Very nice Paul! :love: I am still working on getting the full set of shoulder boards. They are much harder to find than the tabs.


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    Is it named?

    Yes, I can not fully make out the name and am not having much success photographing the tag. I will try some more and post the best ones to see if someone can decipher it.


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