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The Luftwaffe Corps of Engineers

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That is an awesome photo. I do not think that his name is that which is stamped on the card. I think that the stamp relates to the studio. This is my opinion... perhaps I am wrong?

Here are a couple of new additions for me! A couple post cards from the same man, an Engineering Official for the war duration(a.Kr).

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Regarding the rose-pink piping of Engineer's, another possibility perhaps,:

Jason A, pointed out page 126 of Angolia's Volume 2 of the Luftwaffe series, and the Rose-Pink Piping for my Luftwaffe Other Ranks/NCO visor cap as a possibility.

The article doesn't mention if some NCO's remained in that rank after being accepted for the elevated career Or if they all became officers after acceptance.

The article is as follows:-

F. Flying Leaders Corps:

A special branch termed "Flying Leaders" (Flugfuehrer) - also known as "Flying Leaders Corps" (Flugfuehrerkorps) Or "Pilot's Corps" (Flugzeugfuehrerkorps - was constituted in the spring of 1940. By order (LV 40, No. 1152) dated

5 September 1940 the conditions of acceptance were published. Only NCO's after their 10th year of service were accepted who had held a pilot's licence for at least four years. There was only the elevated career. These experienced pilots were utilized on very specialized fields, e.g. as flight instructors, test pilots, controlling pilots at aircraft plants, on weather reconnaissance flights, etc.

The dark green branch colour and golden-yellow secondary colour was introduced by order (LV 40 No. 569) dated 10 May 1940.

Uniform and rank insignia were those of the other officials of the elevated career, to include tri-angular pips on the collar patches. The backing of the shoulder boards were dark green and golden-yellow above. The order determined the titles as follows:

Flugfuehrer - Leutnant

Oberflugfuehrer - Oberleutnant

Hauptflugfuehrer - Hauptmann

Stabsflugfuehrer, Stabsflugfuehrer 1 Klasse - Major.

By order (LV 41, No. 1562) dated 8 October 1941 the branch colouir was altered to pink. The golden yellow secondary colour was retained. The pink collar patches were now with propellers in lieu of pips (of the pattern of the Corps of Engineers).




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I saw a set of tabs that I wish I would have bought... they were EM yellow tabs with pink outer piping and a small piece of LW Tresse. I had not seen one before or after. I have no doubt that it was WW2, but I have no idea what. The first thing I thought of was Fliegerkorps. The books say that all grades ranged between Leutnant and Major.

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Hi all,

Long time stalker first time poster in this thread. Over the last year or so I’ve slowly been collecting Luftwaffe Ingenieurkorps (corps of engineers) items. Being an Air Force engineer myself, it seemed an apt branch for me to collect. I've drooled over this thread many a time!  So far I’ve been collecting insignia; collar tabs and boards. The end aim of my collection is to have the insignia (collar tabs and shoulder boards) for each rank, as well as hopefully be able to put together a tunic display or two. I’m well away from my aim at this point (I have a long way left to go) but here’s my little collection so far:

Two sets of tabs and a set of boards for a Fliegeringenieur (Leutnant equivalent): 

A set of tabs and boards for Fliegeroberingenieur (Oberleutnant equivalent):

A set of tabs for a Fliegerhauptingenier (Hauptmann equivalent), and a set of well worn boards for a Fliegerhauptingenier der reserve (i.e. reservist Hauptmann equivalent):

A set of tabs for a Fliegeroberstabeingenieur (Oberstleutnant equivalent):

A set of tabs for a Fliegeroberstingenieur (Oberst equivalent), as well as a single:

A set of tabs for a Fliegergeneralingenieur (Generalmajor equivalent), in a rare post 1940 pattern with gulls:

A set of tabs for a Fliegergeneralstabsingenieur (Generalleutnant equivalent). This was the highest rank in the corps and usually held by only one man at any given time:

And a General’s eagle for good measure:

A couple of “a.K” or “auf Kreigsdauer” tabs and boards:

Here’s the whole small group so far. What is interesting to note is the differences in the basic colour. 

As you can see I still have quite a ways to go. If you have any ingenieurkorps items in your collections that you’d be willing to part with then please let me know! I find this branch somewhat hard to find so any help would be very much appreciated :) 

Thanks for looking!


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