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A small "A" can be a good thing....then again a big "A" can be good too. A small "A" with big "T"s or a big "A" with small "T"s looks out of proportion though. I guess it's all relative. Of course for about $6000 you can get the small "T"s made bigger, but it's hard to get the big "A" made smaller. Usually the small "A" gets bigger over time.....kind of like starting out with low blood pressure, I guess. That's why you have to consider personality, or a frontal lobatomy.

Francois, does she talk alot?

If she does, I'll bet she doesn't speak French!

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"rivet hole going through the large "A"... thus the need for the the second smaller maker mark."

Thanks JTW.

Sometimes, when the rivet easily goes through the large "A"....it's true, you need to go out into the world and find a small "A". They are not easy to find in this day and age....butt well worth the effort. ...lest you strap a 2x4 to your own small "A".

JK, nice eyeballs JTW, there is indeed a large "A" lurking behind the rivet!

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One of my favorites, of yours. Wish it were mine... :love: The small 'A' stamp looks like the same one that Assmann used on the reverse left wing, on the Flak badge.



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