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    A very simple pair.

    Major General Vatslav Bronislavovich Lavrinovich, 291st Rifle Division, 23rd Army

    1- Order of the Red Banner, type 1 - 10825 (numbered on both badge and screw-plate, though repaired)

    2- Jubilee Medal for 20 Years of the Workers' and Peasants' Red Army - 15126 - no document for this one sad.gif

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    Camer with a metric ton of documentation, and research in Moscow has been done but more is coming (and the patience of my colleague who does Russian history to do translations is limited). Here are the bare bones of the story, high points only.

    Certificate that he is commander of 9th Company, 1st Rifle Regiment named for Vitebk-Soudep, executed Orenburg (Siberia), 2 February 1919:

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    But, note, he is wearing a medal!


    "From Decree for 209/8th Turkistan Rifle Regiment of 15 July 1920, $29 Paragraph 1, regarding the combat personnel.

    "I announce the copy of the Decree for the 1st Army, #210, of 6 July of this year for the administrative department.

    "Paragraph 1. Based on the RVSR [Revolutionary Military Council of the Republic] Decree on 1919, #511 concerning the decree #2322 of the same year, the following servicemen are awarded the Order of the Red Banner for their combat feats:

    "2. Commander of 9th Platoon, 209th Vitebsk Rifle Regiment, LAVRINOVICH Vatslav Bronislavovich.

    "On 15 June 1919 during the fight near Uzbekovo comrade Lavrinovich commanded 9th Platoon of 209th regiment. He skillfully led his platoon on the right flank of the battalion combat order, inspired his men by personal example of courage, and managed to withstand and repel an enemy attack. After intensive artillery preparations using heavy and light artillery the enemy launched a second attack. [Lavrinovich] without regard to his life stood firm as a true warrior, put himself in the most dangerous spots, and held the position. The enemy desperately attacked for the third time in his sector and got as close as 40 paces from his position. At that point Comrade Lavrinovich shouted 'Hurray' and jumped out at the enemy, leading his company and the entire battalion. With a lightning and powerful bayonet charge he broke the enemy resistance and turned it into a panicky flight. During the pursuit Comrade Lavrinovich was all the time at the head of the infantry line. When the enemy made an attempt to stand near the villages of Bol'shoye Utyashevo and Zelim-Karamovo, he was on both occasions the first to throw himself before the enemy and continued to lead the pursuit of the destroyed enemy troops.

    "Commander of the 1st Army Zinov'ev.

    ?Member of the Revolutionary Military Council Paskutsky.

    "Chief of Staff Shefolovich.

    "True copy: clerk [signed]"

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    But things take a down-turn when the war begins.

    "Peoples Commissariat

    "of the Defense of the Union SSR


    "Department ___

    "Subdivision ABTV [Automibile and Armored Troops]

    "22 September 1941



    "This is to certify that Major General V. B. LAVRINOVICH indeed fell the death of a hero in a fight for BELOOSTROV.

    "This certificate is issued to reveice permission for burial.

    "Chief of Starr, 23rd Army Military Commisar of the Headquarters

    "Major General 23rd Army, Sr. Battalion Comissar

    "/Ivanov/ /Romanov/"

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    Guest Rick Research


    Here is a summary with some instant information from Steen Ammentorp's terrific website on all WW2 Generals


    Showing that Lavrinovich WAS a victim of the Great Purge, but survived. And I am sure he will be glad to correct the name to what your documentation shows is the weird first name "Vatslav" and NOT "Vaclav"--


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    Thank you very much for this very interesting thread and for correcting a transcription error of mine in my entry on him in my database.

    Though I am not able to show some original documents I would like to offer some additional information on him.

    According to A.A. Maslov in his Fallen Soviet Generals : Soviet Generals Killed in Battle 1941-1945. (ISBN 0-7146-4346-7) p. 38.

    During the fierce battle on 20 september 1941, the commander of the army's (23 Army) armoured and mechanized forces, Major General V.B. Lavrinovich, perished heroically in combat. He died near the town's (Belsosstrov) center while personally leading an attack by 22 of his tanks, when his command tank was struck and destroyed by an enemy shell.

    Italics my notes

    According to the site www.rkka.ru he was repressed 1938-1939 and then released, which however did not prevent him from being promoted to major general on 4th of June 1940.

    I have a small question, if I may? This

    Major General Vatslav Bronislavovich Lavrinovich, 291st Rifle Division, 23rd Army
    seems to indicate that he was CO 291st RD or at least associated with it however I have been unable to find any on this. So if you have further information on this I would appreciate it very much.

    Kind Regards

    Steen Ammentorp

    The Generals of World War II

    Edited by Steen Ammentorp
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