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    Guest Rick Research

    Nope that very last one sliiiiiiiiides right over my previous mention of that precise entry of his "to the reserves" in 1938 and back again good as new in 1939-- zip, zero, nada "explanation." No secret glyphs indicating arrested, nuuuuuzzzzzzing.

    Vatslav Broneslavovich Lavrinovich born 10 April 1894 Dvinsk, ethnic Pole but spoke Russian as his mother "at home" tongue. Father worked on the Riga-Orlov railway, mom a factory worker. Dad abandoned the family in 1909 and was never seen or heard from again ... an all too common theme.

    Wife Klavdia Sergeevna Vasielieva b. 1895 in Samara. (Apparently her mom, Lobov' Fedotovna Vasilievna, b. 1874, lived with them) Two sons both born in Samara: Vyacheslav in 1920 and Sergei on 27.8.24.

    Went to 3rd Class in Dvinsk....

    Served in Tsarist Army 1914 to June 1918 as Junior Sergeant. No Red Guard service. Joined Red Army 3 June 1918 in Vitebsk.

    Received Red Banner #10,825 per decree of 10th Army 6.7.20, 1938 "Jubilee" Medal, and on 29.4.40 "WPRA Otlichnik" badge.

    Things are out of order per file question numbers, but will try and make a "time line" narrative

    March 1909 to April 1912 apprentice at the Vainshtein bent furniture (chairs, presumably) factory in Dvinsk

    April 1912 to October 1914 "wood cutter" at Kovorsky bent furniture factory, Dvinsk

    October to December 1914 Private in 51st Reserve Battalion, Dvinsk

    December 1914 to May 1916 87th Neishlotsky Infantry Regiment at the front as Junior Sergeant

    May to December 1916 Polish Reserve Regiment, Bobruisk as Jr Sgt

    December 1916 to June 1917 officer candidate at 5th Kiev School of Cadets

    (no entry unless I've missed scribbly notes transferring to ytyping here)

    November 1917 to June 1918 in German captivity in the city of Grodno

    June 1918 to June 1922 WPRA "cadre" with commands =

    June to November 1918: Squad Commander, 1st Vitebsk Inf Rgt, 1st Sver. Simbir. Div. on Eastern Front

    November 1918 to March 1920: Company Commander, 209th Vitebsk Rifles Rgt, 24th Railway Div., Eastern Front

    March to June 1920: at special disposition of the Commandant of the Urals Fortified Raion

    June to December 1920: "ComBat" and "DepComRgt" in 511st Rifles Rgt, 57th Rifles Div., Polish Front

    December 1920 to October 1921: Battalion Commander in 34th Rifles Rgt, 4th Rifles Div, Western Front

    October 1921 to June 1922: Deputy Regimental Commander of same

    backtracking in the disorganized records however he shows combat action as:

    July 1918-March 1920 on Eastern Front against Czechs and Kolchak

    March to June 1920 on the Urals Front

    June to November 1920 against the "White Poles"

    November 1920 to May 1922 "suppression of bandits in Minsk Raion." (pre- d?j? vu for post-WW2!)

    June 1922 to November 1923 dismissed from the ranks of the WPRA "for personal reasons" (!!!)

    November 1923 to June 1925 Deputy Regimental Commander, 101st Rifles Rgt, 34th Rifles Div, city of Syzran'.

    November 1923 to January 1925 Deputy Regimental Commander, 101st Rifles Regt, 34th Rifles Div, Syzran'.

    January 1925 to November 1926 Assistant Operayions Commander, 34th Rifles Div, Syzran'.

    November 1926 to November 1928 Assistant Rgtl Cmdr, 10()?) Rifles Rgt, city of Ufa

    November 1928 to March 1929 Instructor at the Satratov School for reserve officers refresher readiness

    March to August 1929 student at the Higher Military Pedagogical School, Leningrad

    August 1929 to February 1931 back as Instructor at the Saratov school for reserve officer training again

    February to May 1931 student at the WPRA commanders' improvement AUTO TANK courses, Leningrad

    May 1931 to April 1932 Instructor at the Saratov Auto tank School

    April 1932 to January 1935 Battalion Commander at Ul'yanovsky Tank School

    January to May 1935 student at the WPRA Military Academy of Mechanized and Motorized Forces, Moscow

    May 1935 to May 1936 Commander of Instruction battalion of the IInd Tank Brigade, Leningrad

    May 1936 to April 1939 (*** NOTE PREVIOUS "to the reserve" purge euphemism here!!!***) Commander 16th Tank Regiment, 16th Cavalry Division, Leningrad Military District

    April 1939 Instructor at the WPRA Military Electro-Technical Academy, Leningrad

    Received military title "Colonel" 1 October 1939

    Received teaching title "Assistant" 27 April 1940

    Received military title "Major General" 4 June 1940

    huff puff... the more I transcribe as scribbly notes and try to fit back together in a LOGICAL progression, the more likely I am to omit something (it goes back and forth, back and forth, chronological servie and then chronological COMMANDS/units... Byzantine chaos!!!!), so will pause here and resume later. But that nice clear typed personnel file stuff from posting number 39 IS indeedy deed the day by day mother lode of everything there is!

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    Guest Rick Research

    Actually, the 1938-39 part of his Autobiography MAY shed some more light-- or reveal the fancy footwork of covering over-- his arrest/troubles 1938/39, since it is headed as Colonel-- a rank he made after getting out of whatever trouble he was in.

    What does THIS have to say for 1938-39?--


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    • 1 year later...

    For those who can stand any more about this group, I am in the process of getting complete translations of the mountain of documents. When done, I'll share the results here.

    In the interin, if anyone wants to see the documents, here are the PDF files I have done to date:





    Be aware and be warned that these are BIG files (well, all PDF files are large, but :o ).

    Edited by Ed_Haynes
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    • 3 weeks later...

    As I proceed to get rigorous translations/summaries of ALL the documents in this voluminous file, here is the latest 'spin' of the copy of his ORB recommendation (post #5, above).

    "EXCERPT from Order 209 of the 8 Turkestan Rifle Regiment dated 15 JUL 1920 #29, paragraph I, rifle unit.

    "I present a copy 1 Army Administrative Section Order 210 dated 6 JUL of this year.

    "On the basis of 1919 RVSR Order #51 excerpted from Order #2322 of this year, the following servicemen are awarded the Order of the Red Banner for their combat accomplishments:

    "II. Vatslav Vronislavovich Lavrinovich, Commander 9 Company, 209 Vitebsk Rifle Regiment

    "9 Company Commander (209 Regiment) Comrade Lavrinovich in combat near the village of Usbekovo on 15 June 1919 while on the right flank of the of the battalion?s sector, capably commanded the company, motivated the soldiers by his personal example and bravery, and repelled an enemy attack. During a second attack which the enemy initiated after a heavy artillery preparation, while risking his life he situated himself in the most dangerous sectors, resolutely and boldly holding the company?s defensive position. The enemy launched a third, desperate attack and advanced to within 40 paces. With a shout of 'Urrahh!' Comrade Lavrinovich rushed at the enemy, motivating not only his company, but the entire battalion to follow. With quick, energetic bayonet thrusts he broke the enemy?s will and drove them into a panicked flight. During pursuit of the enemy Comrade Lavrinovich continuously stayed ahead of his forces and when the enemy attempted to hold the villages of Bolshoe U(?)shevo and Zelim-Karamovo, he was the first to rush on the attack, pursuing the broken enemy.

    "Signed 1 Army Commander Zinovev, Member of the Revolutionary Council Paskutskii, and Chief of Staff Shefolovich"

    Document verified by illegible signature and stamped ?100 Rifle Regiment?

    At some stage, I plan this for a JOMSA article.

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