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    And it is extremely nice to be able to share things with appreciative e-friends. (Some how, my wife doesn't understand me . . . and the medal-friends in my custody . . . !)


    And we do have the duty to keep the memory of the recipients of these medals alive.

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    Based on help from my colleague in Russian history, I can now reconstruct:

    Vatslav Bronislavovich Laurinovich

    ? 13 January 1919 ? permission to him as Commander of 9th Company, First Infantry Regiment, Vitesky-Subgev, to marry Kladiva, citizen of city of Samara

    ? 2 February 1919 ? certificate that he is commander of 9th Company, First Rifle Regiment named for Vitbek-Soudep, Orienburg (Siberia)

    ? 15 June 1919 ? action that won him Red Banner ? as commander of 9th Company, 209th Regiment (later 8th Turkistan Rifle Regiment)

    ? 6 July 1919 ? decree awarding him Red Banner

    ? 1919/20 ? participated in all fights of 511th Rifle Regiment from town of Rechisy to town of Ivangorod and back to city of Bobruysk ? served as commander of 2nd Battalion and as commander of regimental reconnaissance

    ? 26 January 1921 ? Commander of 2nd Battalion, 34th Rifle Regiment, 4th Rifle Division ? recruiting with the Labor Committee ? permission to access railway transport

    ? 15 February 1921 ? permission to check on workers on western railway ?in secret and on a fixed schedule?

    ? 21 March 1921 ? railway pass related to labor recruitment

    ? 5 August 1921 ? commander of 1st Battalion, 34th Rifle Regiment

    ? 18 September 1921 ? efforts to transfer service in Trans-Volga Military District nearer Samarov, where his family lives ? three years on front lines

    ? 15 October 1921 ? authorization to carry guns and edged weapons outside regimental area (34th Rifle Division)

    ? 27 October 1921 ? ordered to Igumen for ?tank research?

    ? 26 January 1922 ? 12th Brigade, 4th Division informs him that ?the river? is in bad condition and must be cleaned up before attacking, deadline 0800 2 February 1922

    ? 5 February 1922 ? order for ?all cooperation? with his repairs concerning the river project at Swisslodge, 15 km from Zhukovits

    ? 9 February 1923 ? investigating affairs of the Samara Telephone Network

    ? 22 February 1923 ? employee of 2nd Department of the Department of Clerical Matters, Office of Public Works, Samara ? also instructor in the Information Department

    ? 31 December 1923 ? member of local committee and secretary of the Pricing and Conflicts Committee

    ? 17 August 1925 ? to Ufa from Samara to inspect the division for 7 days

    ? 26 February 1926 ? permission to travel by ship (issued Samara)

    ? 24 September 1926 ? invitation to a conference where ?war related topics will be discussed?

    ? 12 March 1927 ? medical certificate that he is in good health to travel between Samara and Ufa

    ? 14 March 1927 ? chairman of the Marksman Society of the Bastikian Society of the Friends of Aviation and Chemical Buildup, Ufa

    ? 18 March 1927 ? representative of Committee for Labor and Defense for Ufa at the Regional Congress

    ? 26 March 1927 ? announcing results of a test which will be released at a later date ? to commander of 100th Division, Samara

    ? 20 July 1927 ? he is correspondent to the Red Bashkiria newspaper from Totsky Camp

    ? 27 August 1927 ? orders to report to Samara

    ? 25 January 1928 ? he is seeking info on his Red Banner and it seems none too easy

    ? 31 January 1928 ? orders to report for a special session on military discipline and to bring documentary research

    ? 21 September 1928 ? won horse race (a watch) riding ?Reconnaissance Man? ? he was assistant commander of 100th Rifle Regiment, 34th Rifle Division

    ? 12 November 1928 ? assigned to service at Saratov ? travel authorized Ufa to Samara and thence to Saratov ? he the commander of 100th Rifle Regiment, 34th Rifle Division

    ? 20 March 1929 ? student at the Highest Lenin Teaching Academy (Leningrad) as an instructor of tactics ? previously, instructor in tactics at Saratov school of Retraining Red Army Reserve Officers

    ? 20 July 1930 ? thanks for his services at the Saratov school

    ? 4 November 1932 ? ???

    ? 23 January 1934 ? best shock worker among those who arrived on skis (?), he is allowed to make a report about combat training for the 17th Congress ? he was commander of battalion of the Ulanovsk Armored Order of Red Banner School Named for Comrade Lenin

    ? 9 September 1934 ? Certificate for ?Ready for Labor and Defense Badge?

    ? 20 June 1937 ? promoted colonel

    ? ??? ? certificate that he and wife reside at 1 Tikahorestky Prospect, Building #108, Apartment #24

    ? 6 July 1941 ? Statement of dependents: wife ? Klavdiya Sergeeva; wife?s mother: ___ Vasil?eea; son: Sergei Lavrinovich ? he the Commander of Automobile and Armored Troops, 23rd Army and Major General

    ? 20 September 1941 ? medical examination of cause of death

    ? 22 September 1941 ? certificate of ?the death of the courageous? in fight for Beloostrov

    ? 6 February 1942 ? posthumous Order of the Red Banner

    ? 21 September 1944 ? widow trying to hold on to apartment and get financial support ? Military-Electro Technical Academy of the Red Army Named after Budonny

    ? 19 September 1946 ? certificate to retain ration cards to widow (Leningrad City Military Comissar)

    More to come including some untouched Russian materials with a soundtrack of begging sounds attached.

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    Terrific group! I remember seeing it on the table before you bought it. Had I only known then what was under the table paperwork wise, I would have bought it in a heartbeat. Ah well... Win some, lose some! :D Personally, I think this is one of the best Soviet groups out in collector's hands.


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    And I have another 20-30 pages or so, but I don't want to deluge the group.

    Yes, yes, I should learn Russian! I know that. The brain cells won't cooperate. They say they're full up.

    Edited by Ed_Haynes
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    Guest Rick Research

    Well, according to post #32 he was actually POLISH (question 3), spoke Russian and Polish (question 4) and had served 1917 in the old tsarist army (question 12) but I'm having trouble with the scan fuzz. A little closer but sharper like scan #34 would help.

    Joined the Red Army in 1st Vitebsk Regiment 3 June 1918....

    Major II/36

    14. (V?) 36 Commander 16rg Mechanized Regiment

    IV/37 ranked as a Colonel

    16/8/38 "to the reserve" (gloss gloss wallpaper whitewash)

    but back 29.5.39...

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    Let me see what I can do. In between the quality of the original Xeroxes and the size limits for scans, I am not sure how much I can do. Since this may be of some interest, beyond my group, let me try. I think this set of documents may duplicate information and do better:

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