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Kriegsmarine fieldgrey uniforms

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I have seen in the WA forum a topic about the kriegsmarine fieldgrey uniforms, but to put there this pictures I have to pay and I can not understand that, so I would like to start a new one here and I hope that it is of your interest.

Fist an NCO tunic.

Regards to all.


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No body has any Kriegsmarine fieldgrey cap or uniform to show us. I can not belive that I'm the only one member of this forum with them in his collection.

I have just found a grey-green trousers with the wide blue side-stripes to complete my admiral jacket, I thought that find this one could be inpossible, but with time (and money) you can find everything. I will post pictures as soon as I'll take them.

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I have seen, in this and in other forums, that pleople like to see the items and collections of the other people, but most of them don't like to contribute to the post whith their own collection. I can not belive that there is nobody around that have some Coastal Artillery uniform, caps, equipment, ... to show to the rest of us, so we can learn more about this hard hobby.

Anyway I will try to mantein this one.

Best regards to all.

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You've seen "all" of mine above, except for some Gefreiter/Obergefreiter chevrons = :sleep:

I think maybe you do have the best there is out there. :beer: I don't think I have seen more than 5 overseas caps, 2 tunics, and an overcoat here in the last 30 years. American souvenir hunting GIs bypassed the left-behind French coastal pockets and ended up in central and southern Germany, so this lack of postable material I blame on deficiencies in souvenir gathering among the Tommies up north along the coastal areas. :P

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You are right Rick, is not easy to find CA items, but I really hope that there are more people here with CA stuff and not only me. If I have be able to find these from SPAIN!! :speechless:, the people in the belligerent and occupied countries can do easier. :P

I will try to mantein this and show you some more items.

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You have the best collection of naval feldgrau I have ever seen. :jumping::beer: While I have seen the odd enlisted tunic here and there, it is nothing to compare to what you have there. I agree with the others, That old style officers "crusher" is to die for. And that Admirals uniform is fantastic. Unfortunately I do not have any, as I no longer collect TR. I would love to see you post some more though.

Dan Murphy

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