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    This one is not for an EK, it is a recognition Anerkennungs urkunde from the regt commander.

    I have about 6-7 different ones, mainly they are given for brave work on patrols, but 2-3 of them are for being good fighters in specific battles or skirmishes, they are nice as specific event are usually mentioned.

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    i have perused a friends collection of

    several hundred EK documents- mostly EK 2,

    but some EK 1-and have not seen one that

    describes anything more than the date,

    name/rank/serial number/ and unit.

    i WILL tell you that the variety of presentations

    of the EK documents is astonishing!!

    chris, this is a BEAUTY! thanks for the pictures.


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    Guest Rick Research

    Yup, except this one needed SHUTTERS, being the size of a window! jumping.gifcheeky.gif

    I had ONE award document for an EK2 that gave citation details on it-- but it is one of those "luxurious" types hand written on notepaper. It went to live with my friend Ted ("Swordguy")-- will get it scanned nicely when he is next out with swords to do.

    Mostly the citations went into the German military archives.

    Here is an example of a citation, from a cover letter requesting home corps establishment command find the "missing" officer, who had "disappeared" from his field division into prolonged private medical care leading to an amputation:


    "His Excellency the Commanding General had in the name of His Majesty the German Emperor, the Iron Cross 2nd Cl. awarded to Captain and Company Chief (Alois) Louis 14 (Bavarian) I R in recognition of his brave conduct on 20th and 25th August 1914.

    Forwarding the enclosed decoration (and document, dated 10 January 1915) to Capt. Louis is requested. for the Gen. Com. 'Braun' "

    Louis was shot through both lower legs by machine gun fire on the latter date and eventually lost one leg below the knee. He went on to command Brest Litovsk Railway Directorate in WW1 and was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Abwehr in WW2.

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