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    Here's a badge I bought a couple of months ago primarily because of the inscription on the back "H. Reitzig/ Fliegerhorst Staaken".

    It also appears to be an early Juncker as it has the recesses in the wreath to accomodate the wings.


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    Here's my example of the same type (2nd pattern eagle/1st pattern recessed wreath)

    This one is also named: Uffz Jassner. 2.KG (z.b.V) 2. Briest.

    Kg2 (Holzhammer) took part in the 'Battle of Britain' and 'Briest' was the airbase at Brandenburg-Briest.

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    Hi John,

    Thanks for posting that badge.

    I think it's great when you can link items to a person. In the 1980's I bought an Ehrenpokal from Forman which was an "835" silver version. The date of the award was 31.3.1941 and his name was Oberfeldwebel Lothar Tiekenhenrich and Forman told me it was a Battle of Britain piece.

    For years and years I tried in vain to get details on this guy until someone on the forum suggested I contact WASt in Berlin so I wrote to them and forgot all about it. Six months later I got the reply that he was in Stab II/KG55 flying Heinkel 111's during the Battle of Britain! I was delighted!


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