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This is driving me NUTS, Christophe!

That has to be a KO4X in first place on his ribbon bar (crown in the CENTER of the crossed swords device) but I cannot make out anything from the rest except his long service cross, 1897, and ?M3K at the end. All the other Xs and no devices are just washed out smudges.

He's an Oberstleutnant... something with a cipher and "Guards" Litzen...

but he appears to be about 95 years old and I cannot match anybody as ancient looking as he seems to be! If he turns out to have been 41...

:speechless1::speechless1::speechless1::speechless1: :speechless1:

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That's an interesting example of a wartime photo with an old pre-war medal bar being worn, unchanged. :beer:

Fretzdorff appears to have worn his Lifesaving Medal, as regulations allowed, as a buttonhole ribbon-- but in position superior to his EK2 buttonhole ribbon.

Since three of his wartime awards show up on the Rolls published so far, tweaking possible dates for this

GSF2bX = 6th Prusian in 1914

WVK-OX = 05.01.15 (and MUCH rarer than the White Falcon with only 23 awarded! :P )

and a

BMV3X not shown as a medal bar award = 01.10.15

while I can't see what his rank is on his shoulder boards, they are the huge lumpy pre-war type, so I'd say the photo was taken in 1915 or he hadn't updated his uniform yet.

He doesn't seem to have accumulated awards AFTER 1915 :speechless1: ... which is rather odd considering he did retire as a Generalmajor.

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