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If I were to venture into this arena what/which would be the best place to get started? Availability and cost to be considered.

:beer: Doc

An excellent choice.

The collections of the different states knights crosses, i've seen has been very impressive. But that sort of collection might get a bit pricey in the end.

Or why not the states iron cross equivalent bravery awards as an start.

Have a look at Dave Danners excellent site.

The possibilities are thankfully almost endless. :cheers:

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I may not be too objective about this, but I'd suggest Iron Crosses. The 2nd Classes are still reasonably priced, less than a tank of gas, and the seemingly infinite variations of maker's marks make it challenging. The only drawback I can see is the oft heard remark from friends, "But...they're all the same." :cheeky:

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First: pick a time period. The main areas are 1914-18 or say 1848-1871 as the most military awards.

Or pick a State.

Either Lippe would be nice... before the award rolls come out and prices go into orbit. So far retail sellers have been too cheap to purchase the recently published Rolls, so if you can FIND some, those awards are still undervalued. Always better to be a specialized collector than a generalized seller. Poor but well informed will win every time. :rolleyes:

But those Little States are often too hard to find, except by pure chance. (Watching, waiting, waiting, watching.....)

Or pick a crossover from your other interests (common theme in mine is "enamel") and seek out medical services related awards. Lots of variety there.

Imperial is so vast and endless that none of us can ever hope to be all encompassing. The last generation able to do that (one of literally everything) is now gone, never to be seen on our Earth again.

So a subspecialty is needed.

Of course, pack ratting is nice. :unsure:

Less pressure, too. :catjava:

:cheeky: :cheers:

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Now there you are entirely out of luck WITHOUT beginning from a focus and working out from there. There are no "general" references to start with. Too long a time period, and too incredibly specialized. There are a number of very good books indeed, BUT

one on Saxon Orders isn't going to do any good if that isn't what you're interested in... and so on.

My library, for instance (see down in the Library subforum) is the product of 40 years of pack rat accumulation. Those are what got me where I am today BUT

and this is the really :speechless1: part

not only do I need ALL those books... there are 30 times as many that I've never acquired that are still "missing" from my Basic Requirements. :unsure:


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Well, with Soviet and Polish ODM prices outrageously over priced and a problem with English language referrence books, I guess that I'll just have to expand my Indian Army and WWII South African medal collection.

:speechless: Doc

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What would be some good books to start a referrence library?

:beer: Doc

A must for beginners is Nimmergut's paperback Orden & Ehrerenzeichen and companion B?nderkatalog

They offer identification and a rough pricing guide.

Next I would consider von Hessenthal and Schreiber's Honors and Awards of the German States This offers a brief history and detailed description of the awards, including weights and measurements. Both are in German, but with the help of Babel Fish or better yet, Langenberg you can muddle your way through and learn a little German on the way ;)

For EK's, Previtera's The Iron Time

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Thanks Rick and Tom!!! I'll not write off Imperial ODMs just yet. I am looking for something to replace my Soviet and Polish collecting. I still want to add to my Mongolian collection. As for Imperial, I like enamel but I know that it will be expensive. Medical awards always interest this Ol' Medic. I need to decide which area I want to explore. Your help and guidance is and will be appreciated.

:beer: Doc

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Saxe or Bade ? Difficult choice. For me the most important thing to do after you made your decision about which States you will collect, you have to buy books before buying medals. The knowledge is the power. Only after reading hours and hours you can decide if you collect officers medals or nco and private medals.

Like Rick said before have a look in the librarian thread and have a look about all books you may have to buy.




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Hello Riley1965,

Our fellow Forum members have provided excellent advice and information in response to your question.

Beyond that, I would like to point out that Imperial German orders and decorations is a deceivingly vast area which is made up of almost three thousand different items awarded by upwards of fifty different ?states? . Of these there are tens, even hundreds, of thousands of some items and only one of others. For instance, there are around one hundred combinations of the Prussian Red Eagle alone.

See what, for whatever reason, appeals to you and go with it. As time goes on and you learn more, you may very well change your main area of interest - it happens to most of us. It?s a big world, enjoy it and Happy Hunting - :cheers:

Wild Card

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