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    Iron Halfmoon Device


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    I think the devices for the first might have originally been intended for Lapel Chains, but our "Over The Top" buyer wanted no mistakes made as to what he was wearing! That bar is also one of the very few non-saxon bars you will find with a miniatured EK device!!

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    Aren't we making a mistake expecting too much standardization in these ribbon bars? They are lovely things, to be sure, but aren't they ultimately all just the products of the fertile imaginations of inter-war European jewelers, producing entirely unofficial things that would sell to veterans, representing awards from defunct states.

    Just a stupid question from an outsider.

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    Hi Ed, not a bad question at all, certainly not a stupid one! But remember between the wars is probably the most interesting time, when literally "anything goes"... But having said that, during WW1 and WW2 there were specific regulations that should have been followed. As with all such things, they were frequently flaunted, flouted and downright ignored depending on the man himself. many medal bars and ribbon bars show such deviation from the norm as to be clearly explainable only by some personal "fashion statement" of the buyer!

    All ribbon bars tell a story. Sometimes a speculative one, but more often than not, they represent a real soldier who ultimately might be identifiable from the story told in his bar.

    To the folks who collect these, I can state emphatically that they are just as beautiful and just as important as (oh say) a cased Military Order of Saint Henry.... or maybe a Turkish Imtiaz w. Battle bars, etc.

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    ed -

    very far from a stupid question, this subject addresses

    one of the bigger reasons i switched from TR to

    things imperial...

    the variations, the relative freedom of a jewellers

    expression are ONE OF THE LOVELY THINGS ABOUT PRE-1933


    even in my first love - EK's - variety is the spice of life!

    nice thought!


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    Guest Rick Research

    The star device on the TWM mini shows up on wartime TURKISH bars-- though what THEIR regulations were, who knows???


    This officer had also picked up a cetrain Bad Saxon Habit....

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    • 3 weeks later...

    I confess to being a 'half moon virgin'... I've only just bought my first BB&Co pinback...

    So I was interestyed to see this a while ago - I was under the impression medalbars with the Halbmond ribbon were 'hardware free'... but Detlev stated this was how it was made..

    And isn't it mounted from the wrong star-tip??

    Can someone tell me any more about this piece?


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