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    Nice Medal-Bar with Meiningen and Bulgaria

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    It's not the "Silver Merit Cross of the Order" in the same way German orders had associated merit crosses and merit medals. The silver cross was the 6th class of the order.

    A 6th Class without Crown is an odd award for a German lieutenant. He may have gotten the Bulgarian award as a Fahnenjunker.

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    I also think he got the bulgarian cross as F?hnrich or Fahnenjuncker and later he got the Meiningen cross as Leutnant. The seller told me that he was a doctor from Breslau. I am not sure about this without any Red Cross Medals etc.

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    Guest Rick Research

    Jeff McCulloh has a portrait photo of an Offizierstellvertreter (if I remember correctly) wearing the Meiningen cross as here, so they may have blurred the lines for vaguely Warrant ranks. It will be interesting if the Meiningen rolls ever see the light of day to actually know what ranks received that.

    "Max Reich, Breslau" was a maker of marked Silesian Eagles, so he was not just a tobacconist or watch repairman who made medal mounts on the side. This is the only NON Silesian Eagle MR,B I've ever seen! :jumping::cheers:

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    @ Jens: Beautiful cute medal bar you have! :beer::love: I really like these with the tailor's tag on the back. It gives you the opportunity to compare with other bars of the same maker. Too bad that the pin on the reverse is missing :(

    @ Rick: That is interesting to know Max Reich was an official maker of the Schlesischer Adler... My brother has (you can guess...) a single mounted Schlesischer Adler 2. Kl. of Max Reich! He has also a full medal bar of a Austrian WWI officer veteran with his tag on the back of the bar. You can easily distinguish MR's bars, because medals and especially ribbons are nicely and very tightly put together with the particular flat bottom of the ribbon. Very nice!



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