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KM Uniforms: Tropical, Whites, and Greens

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The purpose of this thread is to show some of our non-blue and non-fieldgrey KM uniforms.

First up is an EM tropical tunic attributed to Kapit?n zur See Wilhelm B?r. It was not unusual for officers to wear EM's tropical uniforms. B?r was a Leutnant zur See during the first World War. During The Second World War he held various positions, Flak commander for group Lorient, Stab Kom. with Admiral Adria area. He was KIA on October 12, 1944.

This tunic was purchased several years ago from a well-known dealer who said that he had purchased all of B?r's remaining tunics from the family in Germany. I believe this to be the case: the dealer still has one of B?r's named tunics currently for sale.

The tunic has blue-green backed coastal artillery boards for a Fregattenkapit?n, which tracks with B?r's history (thanks Paul C for reprinting the Hildebrand/Lohmann "Die Kriegsmarine 1939-1945 Volume III). The dealer informed me that the breast eagle is original to the tunic, but had been removed by the family and was reapplied by the dealer after he purchased the item.

Here's the full-frontal view. The cap is not B?r's.

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Gordon, Martin, and Nesredep,

Thanks for your postings! Nice to see more tropical uniforms.

This photo is a favorite from my collection. I would love to own one of these caps!


Nice to own one of these caps! Some times....................................I hope? :cheers:

All the best


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Nesredep - nice F?hnrich white tunic!

Here's a tunic you don't see too often. Angolia calls it the '"field-grey" jacket of the blue uniform' (Vol 1 page 355). the color is more of a reed green, not the typical KM grey-green.

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