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    Guest Rick Research

    The pre-printed "autograph" of Dr. Hugo Freiherr von Babo appears on all WW1 documents I've seen from Baden.

    As for


    I am glad to know where that has found a home! It and its matching medal bar appeared anonymously in a British 1983 "coffee table" type militaria book ("Military Collectables: An International Directory of Twentieth-Century Militaria" ISBN 0-517-412667):

    But God alone knows where Reichsheer Oberstleutnant aD Friedrich Holtz's medal bar above is today!

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    Thank you Christophe and Stogieman. As you know, unfortunately Napoleonic era decorations, even those awarded later to veterans, with the exception of the Prussian series, are really hard to find; but the hunt is part of the fun.

    I hope to have a couple more (1 Baden and 1 Reuss) delivered within the next couple of days - they don?t live here at home - which I will post before sending them back to "school".

    Thank you again for the compliments.

    Best wishes,

    Wild Card

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    Please pardon my ignorance, but can you tell me why the OZL is at the back of this bar, behind the centennial medal and others? I am just a babe in the woods when it comes to medals, so I thought an order such as this would outrank several of the pieces ahead of it.



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    Hi Chip,

    Essentially, as I read it, the Centenary medal is the lowest of the Prussian decorations. Hence, everything to the left of it is Prussian and to the right is other German States, then foreign.

    I hope that other members will feel free to correct or expand on this basic explanation.

    Thank you,

    Wild Card

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    Hello Gents,

    The bar i posted in post #41 has arrived, and i was perusing this thread and noticed that in post #39 there is a Baden War merit cross there with a different ribbon to my one...

    Now i was led to understand that these medals were only awarded in Non-combattants guise...

    correct me if i am wrong....But what does the other ribbon signify? home service perhaps?

    Also the medal itself...there seems to be two variations of this medal.

    One is like mine...all Matt grey with a silver center inlay...

    I have seen another on this thread that has a goldenish colour....with silver inlay...

    Now what gives?? were there different grades of this medal? or is it a jewllers copy that a vet had made?

    Thanks for your help gents....its all good knowledge gained!



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    There is only one type.

    The ribbons are the same. Orange-red center stripe with thinner stripes of yellow, orange-red and white radiating outward to the edges. The only difference I see is that on Jens' bar the ribbon stock must have been too red. Baden's colors were yellow and red, but the particular shade of red is pretty orange-ish.

    The medal was made of zinc, the center was silver-washed and the arms were gold-washed. But these were wartime production and weren't done well. Here is about as clean an example as I have ever seen:

    IPB ImageIPB Image

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    Hi Paul,

    You have a good eye. I?ve done some checking and here is what I?ve found. First, there was only one class/grade/type of this decoration, hence only one ribbon.

    Now, which is the right one? There is not an easy answer as both seem right and yet technically wrong. So, here is what we have. Post #39 seems to be the right composition but wrong color while #41 looks like the right color but wrong composition. On #39, you will see that the red/purple stripe between the yellow and white stripes appears to be a bit narrower than the yellow stripe, while on #41, they appear to be the same width. According to Hessenthal/Schreiber, these stripes should be 3.5 mm (yellow, 2.5 mm (red/purple) and 2.5 mm (white) making the narrower stripe correct.

    According to Nimmergut?s color chart, #41 would seem correct - the red matches; Hessenthal/Schreiber describes the proper color as zinnoberrot which, as I understand it loosely translates to vermillion. So there it is - I rather side with Hessenthal/Schreiber and #39. Any other opinions out there?

    Best wishes,

    Wild Card

    Edited by Wild Card
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