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I continue to disagree... the device does not match your samples. the head on the "eBay" bar is like a nub with a point, the swastika has a casting defect. The wing feathers (count 'em) do NOT match your sample.

Sorry, I will disagree with my twin here...

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A) Heads of eagle

B) Wing feathers, note subtle layering and number on the Schickle standard from RR; then abserve that there are (1) more feathers on the ebay bar & (2) the two rows of wings are filed straight across, not layered

C) Thickness and shape of swastika

D) Look at the shape of the numeral "1" and "3"

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Well that's really interesting. In this new photo it does not appear to even match the other image! Note that the comparison pix I made with your first closeup has what looks like a clear defect on the swastika. This new image the defect is not there! I will say I am much happier with this spange based on this new photograph.

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The "headless" Schickle Spange is, I think simply an "artifact" (I am extending my pinkie drinking tea) of the CAMERA not catching the ROUNDED slope of the ) ribbon bar front. It's "below the horizon" rather than a straight on shots from my SCANNER, where the birds are resting on their tumtums on the glass.

There is--always and ever--NO SUBSTITUTE for in hand inspection. So all we can offer on the basis of 2-D imagery is an opinion on how THAT looks... and of course always have the right to return something once it arrives FOR in hand inspection.

From everything that I've seen-- and especially the absence of nasty little scratches around the tabs on back to indicate monkeying around-- no alarm bells are going off for me with this one.

But then I am the Cute & Fluffy GOOD Twin. :catjava:

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