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Each and every forum has its own character.

While I have posted many examples from my own collection on other threads, I shall post here a few items that are more "core" to the evolved focus of this forum. Some of these you may have seen before; I apologize. They are now in my custody for a few years yet. Some of these may be fairly pedestrian for many of you; I apologize. Still, I like them, and they have a loving home. For me and my collection, they represent the "exotic" fringe; this is a fact of life.

I welcome any and all commentary . . . .

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I agree with Joe... Those bars are definately unique! All are combinations I have never before seen! Very nice!

Could you please post some of your other bars from your area of expertice! I know you have some truely attractive and rare groupings!!!


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I'm glad to see you have also succumbed to the attraction of the occassional imperial medal bar. :D

On a more serioius note, congratulations on going over 1000 posts. I appreciate your significant contribution to this forum in some very esoteric collecting areas and your willingness to share so generously with us. Almost every one of your posts is accompanied by a picture. I wish we could all do that.

As Bob Dylan told us long ago, "Just keep on keepin' on." :beer:

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Wow! Very nice bars, every single one of them!!! :cheers:

The 1813-bar is just fantastic! :love: And the 2-place Braunschweig bar is wondeful and an interesting combination, its hard to find both of them mounted and these both together on a Medalbar is a HIT!!!

The Hessian 5-place bar is very nice as well. A fighter of WW1, who also fought in WW2 (?KVK) and went in civil service then.

The Saxon HonorCross is also eveything else than common, especially mounted on Medalbars.

The 2-place W?rttemberg bar may be common, but its a lovely example. :love:

Great stuff, Ed. Thanks for sharing. :beer:


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A group shown here before, and pretty exotic for me, but I am always a "sucker" for something documented, that can be linked to the person. (That is why I like the named medals of the Brits and their "empire".) Thanks for getting this to me, Rick (Stogmeister).

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Now, the paper goodies. (And while my remnant German is not so bad, my skills with exotic scripts have been supplanted by taking up brain-space for things like Hindi and Urdu -- would appreciate translation assistance throughout.)

I have tried to get these into chronologicalk order, but, first, the man himself.

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