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    On 06/02/2022 at 13:50, v.Perlet said:

    Hello MG1918


    very interesting thread and great photos!


    What would the sleeve badge of the standing Bavarian? soldier indicate?



    Sleeve badge.png

    That's the badge of Freikorps Hindenburg.



    Fk Hindeburg.jpg

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    Bolewts58 thanks for answering. Everyday is a school day 😄

    I read many years ago a very plausible explanation about the number of ‘self portrait ‘ images of German MG crews. The quantity from WWI German personnel far outweigh the Allies combined. Notwithstanding the fact that German machine gunners were selected for additional qualities from the ranks of the standard infanteer, (like the Allies) but the German youth of pre-1914 were better educated, more technically aware and many had private cameras!!! This abundance of own cameras produced so many more images, and in the day, were turned into postcards. So Graf yes amazing that over a hundred years later so many survived, but so many were made!  Fortunately!!!!


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    Posted (edited)

    Frame (2).JPG

     As we all know unit armourers in any army will adapt or provide variations of patterns to 'do the job'. This is a very basic but effective frame but would need significant weight, sandbags/soil etc to keep the actual firing platform stable. Maybe not well liked as this pattern of trench mount is seldom seen.


    Frame (3).JPG

    Frame (4).JPG

    Frame (5).JPG

    Note the unit repair to the first pattern of the 250 rd ammo box.

    Frame (7).JPG

    Frame (8).JPG

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