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    Mongolian Partisan Badge


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    I find these recycled pieces to be fascinating.... Ed, please let me know when your article has been finished. I'd love to read it.

    Fascinating. :jumping:

    Well . . . until I saw this, the article was almost finished . . . :rolleyes: . Some questions outstanding with Bat, now some more.

    There are sooo many things we don't quite unerstand yet. What fun. :)

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    Wonderful item Bob,

    I was bidding on that one too.... just got away from me I guess....

    It went to a good home though!



    ps. Chimid Tserendorj ....that name sounds familiar. I may have some order docs for this man..I'll have a look.

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    Have a very interesting documented group (well, very small group, and unfortunately missing the actual partisan badge but with doc) coming my way in the mail. A very, very interesting document.

    Will post scans once it arrives.

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    And there's a book quoted at the bottom: http://www.jstor.org/pss/311912

    called "Narrative of the Mongol Partisans" which will be my focus to find (not easy probably...) as the key to unlocking the history behind some of these badges which made it into our hands! If I understand correctly, the book contains 470 interviews with Partisans! Perhaps somewhat like the big Soviet "heros of soviet union" encyclopedia. Certainly gives an indication of how highly regarded these men (and women?) were.

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    And the story is as follows:

    The Partisan Certificate belongs to Partisan Jadamba Ulzii (the name Jadamba does come up as one of the very early revolutionaries, not sure if it's the same Jadamba though). The inscription on the first page informs us roughly that "The certificate is awarded to DOLGORSUREN Jadamba, daughter of JADAMBA Ulzii, who passed away according to the decree, dated May 9, 1969 by the Partisans Commission. TOGTOKH, Chairman of Partisan Commission".

    On the next page, there is also writing "Yanjmaa, chairman of Secretariat of Partisan Commission of State Great Khural". Yanjmaa N. (1893 - 1963) is the wife of General Sukhbaatar!

    So what does the documented Udarnik badge have to do with this? It belongs to Dolgorsuren (i.e. the daughter of Partisan Jadamba) which makes it a lovely small father/daughter group. Now the hunt is for partisan badge nr 11 and the book with Partisan interiews!

    Edited by Bob
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