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    Hi Jan-Arne,

    I have an identical piece to the unidentified one. I've never been able to determine the maker. It is quite similar to Klein & Quenzer but definitely not the same.

    The vertical pin f.o. is certainly scarcer than the horizontal. It put it on a part with the type with the cut out swastika for scarcity.

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    Here are two miniatures I'd like to share with you guys. The smaller of them is a standard 16mm (15.96) and the larger is what I believe a privat manufacture 18.26mm. This is one of the nicest minis I've ever encountered, die struck and handpolished highlights.



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    Yup, exactly the same.

    Souval stuff, as ever, can be tricky. I've seen both the angular and round R and S letters on badges with correct original wartime "furniture" (pins/hinges etc), but also both round and angular types on badges with the typical postwar Souval furniture.

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