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One of my areas of collecting is items relating to Nurnberg and the Reichsparteitags especially tinnies and day badges.

Any one else got anything nice ?

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Hello all,

Sorry for posting this so long after all the other comments but just found this site. Always nice to find another forum dealing with TR subjects. Here's a Nuremberg Party Days pewter plate I have. The plate has the outline of the town of Nuremberg and the wording "Nuremberg Stadt der Reichparteitage" and 9 symbols of representing the party around the edges. In case anyone else has one of these I would be interested in knowing if you have ever noticed a makers mark on the one's you own. The marking is at the city scene on the bottom left of the townscape slightly above the letter d in "der" ,near what looks like a tree'd area are what i believe to be the letters Z Co. Also has anyone seen any of these plates in a larger size than eight inches?


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Hello Don & all,

Thanks Don and I will try to get a pic of makers mark as soon as I am able to borrow a friends camera. Unless one is really looking for a mark it is almost unnoticable. Also I noticed on another thread a member had mentioned about he collects non portable,or fringe items and how discouraging it is not to get answers when posting that stuff, I agree but think that a lot of that might be because no one really has too much info regarding these items. I hope he and others continue to post their stuff because this way maybe a database of information or at least more interest will be developed in regards to non portable and what I call "oddball" items. Again Don I thank you for your reply and am glad to have found this forum


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Wood, can you give us a better translation of the wording than the one I got online? I put it in babblefish and what came up sounded pretty interesting but as usual not an excellent translation. I also wonder what the last line speaking of the 30 parties is about. Very interesting tinnie(?). To me items like this, what I would call ideological or items designed to instill support for the regime or the cult of personality are amongst the most interesting collectibles of this era. The pageantry of the party day rallies and the like must have been awe inspiring for a good portion of the populace. Following is the translation I got from Babblefish -"Where Nurnberg's funnel one eingefuhrt the transformation keeps in track also immediately "" 30 parties warn's o agony the lower destroyed total " Interesting piece.


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Sorry my typing was off, it should say:-

30 Parteien wurden gereinigt,

und zum unteren vereinigt

Wo N?rnbergs Trichter eingef?hrt,

man auch sofort die Wandlung sp?rt.

30 Parties have been cleaned,

combined to the lower(?)

Where N?rnbergs funnel is introduced,

one immediately the transformation feels

A member from the Axis History forum gave me the above translation.

and another posted this:-

You see before your very eyes an example of a tinny of the famous Nuremberg Funnel.

It's a complex joke, I'm afraid

In medieval times, a certain schoolbook was printed in Nuremberg. It depicted a portrait of a rather startled looking kid in whose head a funnel was inserted, through which all necessary knowledge was to be inserted into the adolescent's brain. From this illustration, the book, which was used widely, acquired the nickname "N?rnberger Trichter", Nuremberg Funnel. This lead to the expression of "jmd. etwas eintrichtern", force-feeding knowledge into somebody.

This tinny is a propaganda piece visualizing this phrase of German vernacular. The script on the funnel reads "Where the Nuremberg Funnel is introduced/one can feel change immediately". The text on the piece with the arrow rhymes, rather badly, "Cleansed of thirty parties, and united."

So it would seem once the knowledge of unity has been force-fed to the masses, unity will ensue.

Hey, I didn't say it was a good one. Also, the doubled joke loses a bit in translation.

Thanks to both these fellows.



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Some nice stuff you posted here,gentleman!

I only have this book and some maps of the Reichsparteitag area.The book seems to have been for the head of RAD units responsible for the planning,arrival and participation of the unit with the Reichsparteitag rally.

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Yes there is a stickpin version of the 1929 Rally badge (presumabley for wear when in civillian clothes) - - but it is rare and very seldom comes onto the market. I have seen but one example - - it was highly detailed and made from silver.

I have never seen copies of this but I have seen very nicely made copies of the non-portable version.

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I didn't realize that about the stick pin, thanks for the info.

Any one got any more tinnies to show ?

The 1933 Reichsparteitag tinnie has yet to be shown (which came in Bronze and I think also in Silver) I will get my heavy bronze one out and photograph it later.

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