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    As stated in the item description (and also in my history of the War Wound Association), blue enamel signifies an executive officer (幹部・役員章 kanbu yakuinshou) in the association.

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    hi all a recent arrival a documented koushou badge issued to petty officer 2nd class sato yukio a sailor who served on the carrier shokaku navy ministry document shows it was awarded showa 17 (1942) august 14 for injuries on the 15 of February 1942 while the warship was in the south sea at this time the shokaku was part of an indian ocean raid on Ceylon and her aircraft were involved in the sinking of 2 british cruisers and the aircraft carrier hermes, a later check card dated 1945 shows he was injured in the right breast and had no complications the documents also show the badges issue number 1142 thanks to rich catalano for translations. a nice piece of japanese naval history

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    Hello, gentlemеn!

    Here come three another afterwar Association Merit Badges. The two of them are with blue enamel, one - green enamel. All the badges are of the same size.


    The blue enamel Merit badges are: "53 years Visit of The Empereur and The Empress" and  "63 уеаrs Anniversary Ceremony". For both - "Toumei" mark on the reverse, round pin hook, white metal (not aluminium).


    The green enamel Merit badge is: «48 years Visit of The Empereur and The Empress». No "Toumei" mark. The hook for pin is different, more simple. The colour of metal (not aluminium) is "warm" - like silver with patina, not that much "cold-white" as the blue enamel badges are.

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