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Ottoman Military Doctors and Red Crescent Doctors and Officials during WWI


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Between 1909 and 1916 military doctors had black collars with esculape signs and pharmacists had bay leaf.

A doctor (left) and a pharmacist lieutenant. (photo1)

Doctors and NCO in the field with red crescent arm band according to the international regulation.(photo 2)

After 1916, the colour of the collars were same colour as the uniform but had purplish red colour band at the edge (photo 3) with esculape snake (at the corner of photo 3) signs.

Red Crescent Doctors and Officials had a red crescent sign on their uniform collars.

According to the regulation Doctors have been appointed with the rank of Captain and Medical students have been appointed with lower NCO ranks and those who had good employment records have been promoted to lieutenants after six months.

Red Crescent Doctor Captain İsmail Hakkı while he was at the Eastern (Turkey) Front. (Photo 4) (collection Iclal Orses)

Red Crescent also had Officials with Red Crescent signs on their uniforms regardless to their education. In the photo: A law faculty

graduate journalist Feridun Kandemir who was a Red Crescent Official in a Red Crescent Hospital in Medina. (Photo 5) (source Tosun Saral)

Nurses (Photo 6-7)

(What ever I do system insisted in arranging the photos according its own wish so: photos top: 7-6-5 middle: 3-1 bottom: 2-4 )

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Those are some amazing photographs! The nurses in the first photo(top set) on the left look none too pleased to be there.

Does anyone know the medal that the one on the right is wearing?

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Nurse Safiye Hüseyin Elbi

She wears Charity and Donation Order (Given to those women who helped people in need, establshed by Sultan Abdülhamid II in 1878), Turkish War Medal, Red Crescent Medal and Red Cross Medals of other countries.

She was a translator for the head of the President of the Red Crescent more then a nurse and also she herself participated internatioal meetings. She also has

Resource:Hatira-i Uhuvvet- Bahattin Öztuncay - Aygaz

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