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Here is a nice card I just bought :love:

Even in small Sweden you can sometimes get really nice items from the Great War ....

Here is a guy from a Art unit ? with the 1916 helmet , and a Mauser pistol with wooden stock by his side !

Is not often you se these pistol armed soldiers , what kind of position did they have ? anyone who knows more



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Generally pistols tended to be issued to artillerymen, machine gun crews... anyone who would need a weapon for self defense or to defend their post but who would not have been able to lug a full sized rifle around or use same in the environment in which way worked. Same logic for armored crews being issued carbines or SMG's, etc

You mention this individual is in an artillery unit so it makes perfect sense that he has been issued the Mauser Broomhandle... as it can be both a pistol and a carbine of sorts once the stock is attached.

Great pic! One I'd be proud to own and place with my Broomhandle. You ever want to part with it please keep me in mind. :beer:

Dan :cheers:

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  • 2 years later...

Could it not had been re-bored? Shame such a piece to be de-activated.

I used to think that way, but with kids running around who touch, try and mess up everything within reach.... It is always a question of Neutralising, or getting the papers and then locking things away, out of reach, out of sight.

I prefer having them laying around, and harmless, especially as our 9 year old begins planning making cannons of his own....

Now it is a play in front of the TV thing, and the only way it harms you is when you get your fingers caught....

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Didn't know you had curtain climbers around still. I thought you were as old as me, neutered and shooting blanks without the fear of child support........anymore. :)

I do lock up my Lugers when I'm away from the house and when lady friends stops by, in case two stop by at the same time ;), but other than then, they are behind glass.

Still a shame though since it has its same numbered stock.

I guess sending you a MG unit marked Luger for Christmas is now out of the question???? I'll send you a photo of it instead. :)


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