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Hi Chris!

I´ve been there at saturday between 10am and 5pm, but I did not recognize a canadian speaking guy in the beer-hall...

Well, I only met 2-3 people there. Unfortunately I didn´t know, you came too. We could have had a nice beer there (for astronomically prices...)

I just bought four photographs and two books, one curry-sausage and one beer

The books:

Tankograd N° 8


The austrian army in the first world war


The photos:

1) Austrian Oberleutnant (XIV.AK) with Edelweiß (probably II./1.Tiroler Kaiserjäger-Rgt. - that was in Bruneck)

2) Württemberg soldiers with shoulder-strap covers and mountain trousers

3) Two soldiers with arm-patch FFA

4) Group of bavarian officers

to 3): What could FFA means? Feldflieger-Abteilung or Festungs-Fernsprecher-Abteilung? Because of the missing of a number I´d say Festungs-Fernsprech-Abteilung

to 4): Can one help with ID those bavarian officers? Photo is unwritten

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Wearing a GMIC members pin is the way forward at shows, at least we can identify a fellow member and at least say hello !

I think we need an aftershave....

To be quite honest, I could walk by my long dead grandmother at a show and not notice her... eyes fixed on the tables, bumping into other beings with eyes fixed on tables.... especially so for paper collectors as you need to see the small stuff....You would need a specific odour or something to subconciously draw your attention.

Of course, pins work when you are standing in line for a beer, or talking to someone and you notice he has a pin .....

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Hi, what a great pictures you found, Prussian. About the one showing the group of Bavarian Officers, I´m trying to give a name to them. I numbered as ¨1¨ who I think is Rupprecht, Crown Prince of Bavaria. I´ll try to ID the Generals




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