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    Luftwaffe Wehrpass 1965

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    • 5 weeks later...

    Hello readers.

    As a little aside I have a grouping belonging to a member of a night fighting formation stationed in Romania for the protection of the Romanian oil fields.He apparently was flying during the U.S.attack on the fields in 1943.

    He survived the war but was " invited" to register for military service when the Bundeswehr was instituted in 1956.

    Bernhard H. Holst

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    It is probably where I do my shopping as most of the holders of these are still living for the most part? I see more wartime passes than i do of these at the markets/house clearance/tip etc. I guess you can dial them up quite easily on ebay and the likes but for me i don't see them on the ground that often. When I do I normally never bother looking, it is only now that I know some of you guys have an interest in Bund stuff that I pick them up. Here is his promotions page.

    Jock :)

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    Yes, he had an intersting carrer.

    In the rank of a captain he was the adjudant of the first Generalinspekteur Heusinger during his time when SHAPE was in Paris, later as major and colonel in Tokyo and at least 2nd chief of the MGFA Military Research Insitute MilitaerGeschichtliches ForschungsAmt.

    http://gmic.co.uk/index.php/topic/63138-1957-awards-in-wear/ watcvh the last posting with his picture wearing the EK2


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