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    Ribbon bar to Walter Seebohm MaD IR 167

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    I am trying to confirm this bar to Major aD Walter Seebohm of IR 167. The awards are:

    1914 EK2






    TR 25yr Faithful Service

    Everything on the bar, except the TR 25yr, confirms to Seebohm. I am trying to determine if he was in some type of civil service between the wars. Seebohm wrote the unit history for IR 167 and maybe there is a picture of him in it or maybe be provides some detail as to what he did from 1920-1932 when the book was written. I also think he had TR army service as I find an Oberst (E) by that name in 1939. Any help is appreciated.

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    Walter Seebohm had the Österreich-Ungarisches Militärverdienstkreuz 3. Klasse mit der Kriegsdekoration 3. Klasse, so the ribbon bar does not match him. 

    There might be some other double-Waldeck possibilities. I started cross-checking Rick and Daniel's published list but gave up because there were too many NCOs with only a last name in the rolls, so you could not be sure if Lt.d.R. XXX with the Verdienstkreuz was also Vfw.d.R. XXX with the Verdienstmedaille.

    One possibility is Wolrad Köhler from IR 32, born in Landau in Waldeck. He received the SMK on 4.6.1917 and the WVK4X on 22.8.1917. He was a law student at Philipps-Universität in Marburg a.d. Lahn before and after the war, so if he became a lawyer, he might have been a Beamter in the 1930s/40s.  There are a bunch of Köhlers who received the Waldeck gold or silver Verdienstmedaille mit Schwertern, but without a first name. And there are several Leutnants d.R. Köhler with the HOH3X who have yet to be identified.

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