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    Just got back from Kassel,

    It was a great show, I managed to sell some items, which pleased the wife, found a few items for myself (although I wish I could have taken more!!), but most importantly was able to meet up and chat with a few other collectors, some for the first time, some once again.

    Jani Tiainen, Uwe Bretzendorfer and Christian Lehrle shared a corner, Christian runs the Bene Merenti Auktions.

    Adler 1 was also there ... and I probably spoke to a few more without knowing who was who and vice versa...

    A nice show, but I did not see a fraction of it, even with a whole day of looking....

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    As a matter of interest would the show be of any interest to a general world collector or is it all Imperial and Third Reich.


    Pros and cons Paul.

    I landed in Germany last year in time to go to the show, I found it to be mostly functioning guns (roughly 60% guns/40% militaria) and a lot of 3rd Reich. Expensive entrance fee, I think it was 18 euros but don't quote me (I'm used to paying A$10 or around £2 when in UK) and overpriced stuff for sale. Some Brit dealers mainly selling German militaria and the odd Brodie with tank mask. Oh and anything with one of those nasty hooked crosses on it will be covered in stickers.

    On the plus side it was good to see and handle some of the bits and pieces there but I was in and out in 90 minutes and had to go through an airport type security when a bouncer sort of bloke checked me over with one of those beep detector things but then I always get checked for drugs at the airport so perhaps it's just me.

    If you're in the area at the time or a collector of German militaria then get along there. If you collect Brit/Commonwealth/French/US there's not much point. Oh I did see a 14/15 Star to the RA, it was 75 euros.


    P.S.: some say I'm tight, I prefer to say I'm careful with my money :)

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