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    Lippe-Detmold Bronze medal with swords (!) Leopoldorder Lippe

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    Hi gents,

    I would like to show a really rare little bird from Lippe-Demtold.

    It´s a Bronze medal with swords (!) from the Leopoldorder Lippe-Detmold.

    The little bird came in its original green-gray paper case wrapped in paper.
    On the paper case it´s written "Bronze Med z. L.O. mit Schwerter"

    This medal with swords was never donated or awarded, but Carl Büsch, Hannover delivered
    12 pieces as preproduction to the Prince of Lippe-Detmold.

    This little fellow is for sure one of these 12 pieces.

    Hope you like it like me :-)




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    @ Paul

    Yes, it was suggested to Leopold IV., but he decided not to donate his own order with swords.
    Nevertheless Carl Büsch, Hannover produced and delivered 12 Bronce medals with swords and 6 Silver medals with swords to Leopold IV.


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