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    Bavarian 1.Inf.Regt. Shoulder board

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    I've just got this combat veteran shoulder board of a Hauptman. The colours of the thin blue threads (what are those called?) say to me it's Bavarian. I was wondering if it's possible to determine which regiment it is, 1.st König? 1.st Reserve? 1.st Landsturm? Thanks in advance!

    I bought it as I liked it as it was very worn, unlike most unissued boards aviable.


    Thanks for the help!



    bavarian shoulderboards of 1 infanterie regiment.3.jpg

    bavarian shoulderboards of 1 infanterie regiment.jpg

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    Inf.Rgt.1 had a monogramm. So it´ll be Reserve or Landwehr. Footartillery is possible too. Bavarian units didn´t have the prussian crossed guns.

    The blue threads are called "Durchzüge" (pl.), singular "Durchzug".

    Don´t try to find the word in a dictionary, then you´ll find " draught". Durchzug in this kind is an old german word, that is not in use anymore

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