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    Soviet Pilots School Badges 1930s-WW2

    Guest Rick Research

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    Guest Rick Research

    2) Probably after the outbreak of the war, in universal army colored uniform:


    3) Unnamed Major with identification dated 29 March (!) 1943 from 17th Instruction Training Aviation Regiment, too blurry to do any better but the extra airplane wings behind the star at top are always distinctive of this badge.


    These are not actually "pilots' badges" but rather are for GRADUATES of pilot SCHOOLS.

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    Guest Rick Research

    Hard, definite information on these is frustratingly hard to find. "Kachinskaya" is presumably the name of the place where THAT "in the name of" school was. Otherwise, all is a mystery to me.

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    I love those photos!

    I'm going to Georgia April 30 - May 20. One of the things I have already paid for is a small (@ 60) collection of early photos of Soviets in uniform. I'll share anything interesting. Hopefully, there will be lots but I admit that I bought it sight-unseen. Hey, you gotta trust your friends.

    As I may have mentioned before, a noted Georgian collector and personal acquaintance died last fall. His widow wants me to have his badge collection. Not for free, of course, and she's not sure that she's ready to let go of it yet. Still, there's a chance that I may bring it home with me this trip.

    I'll also be bringing back a few nice groups and some badges. I've already paid for them and they are just waiting to come to America. Of course I'll share the good ones.

    Thanks for sharing those great photos.


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    Yes seems to be. But there is another one, nearly the same style. So I don?t know exactly.

    Is this an original? Do you have a picture of the reverse.

    Edited by Alfred
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