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    Königlicher Hausorden von Hohenzollern Adler der Ritter

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    I've read something about this award and seems a very rare to find one. 

    I've found one medal bar for sale including this award. I compared with some originals I found out there and IMO it's a fake. let me know your thoughts.



    best close up I got ...


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    Could you determine whether the eagle is hollow? Gold fakes are solid gold.  Around 1915-16, silver-gilt replaced gold as the insignia base material.   Every silver-gilt one I've seen, authentic or copy, was solid.  There's not much debate that metal remaining between the upper eagle wings and the motto ring [as on this piece] indicates a copy.  Contemporary images do illustrate a small number of Inhaber eagles with this variation; I know of no Ritter badges of that type.   

    As ixhs informs, researchers agree that teachers and clergy primarily received eagle class decorations.  On retirement, mid-to high rank civil servants also might obtain such an award for long & meritorious service.

    Award combination appears extremely unusual and should be relatively easy to trace, if legitimate.   

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    back is not hollow.

    to mee, details are not so good as others originals compared. also, main problem is the metal remaining between the eagle and the motto ring.

    sold at ebay for more than 700 euros :o

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    • 5 years later...
    9 hours ago, laurentius said:


    Could you elaborate why you think that? It looks convincing to me?



    The quillons of the swords are typical for the the "Sammlerraritätenclub".

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    12 hours ago, spolei said:

    The quillons of the swords are typical for the the "Sammlerraritätenclub".


    Yes I see your point. Come to think of it, the crown also looks a bit weird. Not as wide as a normal Bavarian crown ought to look

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