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    Here is his career


    Arthur Gaede  (12.02-1881-??)

    1940               Major a.D., Berlin W 15, Meierottostr. 6

    1925               Major a.D., Berlin-Steglitz, Humboldtstr. 13,  an d. Dresdener Bank

    03.04.20            m. Char. als Major u.d. Erlaubn. z. Tr.  d. Unif. d. Inf. R. 42 verabsch.

    1914/18             Komp. Führ. Res. Inf. R. 9, Führ. III./Ers. Inf. R. Königsberg I (später Inf. R. 377), II./Inf. R. 372  u. I./Landw. Inf. R. 78

    01.10.13-02.08.14   b. St. III./Inf. R. 42  (Greifswald)

    1913-01.10.13       in 8./Gren. R. 3  (Königsberg)

    1912               in 9./Gren. R. 3  (Braunsberg)

    1910-1911           in 6./Gren. R. 3  (Königsberg)

    1909                in 5./Gren. R. 3  (Königsberg)

    01.10.07-1908       in 4./Gren. R. 3  (Königsberg)

    [04.08.06           b. Fettkluft schw. verw.]

    16.08.05-30.09.07   in 1. Feld Regt. d. Schutztr. f. SWA

    1905-15.08.05       k.z. Dienstl. b. Pion. B. 9

    1904               in 7./Inf. R. 84  (Hadersleben)

    1902-1903           in 3./Inf. R. 84  (Schleswig)

    17.10.99-1901       in 4./Inf. R. 84  (Schleswig)

    17.10.99            Leutn.

    27.01.99            Fähnr.

    01.05.98            als Fahnenj. in Inf. R. 84 eingetr.


    Hptm.     01-10-13 N44n

    Oberlt.   17-09-09 D17d

    Leutn.    17-10-99 Tt



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    On 26/06/2019 at 08:06, Daniel Krause said:

    Hi Nicolas,


    It's not an uncommon Combo, but I would bet of Arthur Gaede, born 1881,

    1914 Hptm in IR 42, later LIR 78, retired as Major.




    Daniel, you're amazing. I hope you are well my old friend!

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