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    Goldenes Militär-Verdienst-Kreuz question

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    I have a question regarding the prussian Goldenes Militär-Verdienstkreuz. Why did it take until October 1916 to award this medal?

    I read that only one was awarded in 1916, 54 in 1917 and 1716 in 1918!

    Why took it so long to award it in higher numbers? Did they forget that it existed?

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    The easy, oversimplified answer is: At an earlier stage of the war, there was simply no need for it. The Militär-Verdienstkreuz ("Goldenes" was never part of its official name!) was an award for EM and NCOs. They received EKs, and it did take quite a while until some NCOs held both classes of the EK and were fit for another, even higher bravery award. And that wasn't before 1916, 1917 and mainly 1918.

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    Thanks! So can it be said that to get the Militär-Verdienstkreuz you had to do three "equally brave" things. Or did it have to be something really "special" to receive it.

    And what about the "equivalents" from the other German states. Was the award criteria similar? 

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    A huge factor was the need to climb the ladder EK2. EK1. GMVK....

    Which of course took time....

    A bavarian could win the Golden Bravery Medal in the first week of the war for one very brave act... then pick up an EK2 2 years later, and a bavarian MVK 3rd class with swords a year after that....

    Or he could JUST earn the golden Bravery medal....

    It is a huge difference.... the Bavarians focused on the degree of bravery and that is reflected in their awards... the Prussians focused on ticking the boxes....


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    It's true. My uncle fought for years in the west and the east, and was nominated for the EK1 several times. It took until he was promoted in the field to Leutnant in the summer of 1918 before he finally got it. I have a letter from his regimental CO to my great grandfather, apologising for his not getting the EK1 in spite of the CO's best efforts!

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