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    The medalbar of Gendarm Ignatz Hasse from Salzuflen (Lippe-Detmold)

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    Dear all,

    I would like to show you the latest receipt to my collection (maybe you also saw the auction on Ebay).

    This quite unusual medalbar was, due to its awards, quite easily IDable.
    The former owner can only be the Gendarm (police-officer) Casimir Ignatz Hasse from Salzuflen, as he was the only candidate with a fitting age.
    He was born on 27th March 1841 in Sabbenhausen (Lippe-Detmold) and he awarded the folllowing medals/orders:

    - Lippe-Detmold Goldenes Verdienstkreuz / golden merit cross (25th September 1906 / No. 91 of the list) // early version in gold

    - Lippe-Detmold Silbernes Verdienstkreuz / silver merit cross (18th April 1886 / No. 295 of the list)

    - Lippe-Detmold Feldzugsmedaille 1866 / war memorial medal 1866 (awarded in 1867)

    - Preußen Erinnerungskreuz Mainarmee 1866 / Prussia war memorial cross Mainarmee 1866

    - Preußen Erinnerungsmedaille für Kämpfer 1870/71 / Prussia war memorial medal for combatants 1870/71

    - Lippe-Detmold Goldene Verdienstmedaille / golden merit medal (awarded on 9th June1898 / No. 36 of the list)

    - Lippe-Detmold Erinnerungsmedaille an den Einzug des Grafregenten Ernst 1897 / Throne-medal 1897 (No. 143)

    - Preußen Centenarmedaille 1897 / Prussia century medal 1897

    In the original state the golden merit medal Lippe-Detmold was missing (see also the picture of it below), I added another one from my collection for this scan.
    To proof that Hasse was the former owner, I also added an extract of his receipt for the golden merit cross (chronologically the last award),
    where he listed all shown awards.

    I hope you, like it as I do ?



    Lippe-Schnalle-Gendarm Ignatz Hasse VS-web.jpg

    Lippe-Schnalle-Gendarm Ignatz Hasse-originalzustand web.jpg

    Lippe-Schnalle-Gendarm Ignatz Hasse-RS web.jpg

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