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    75th Anniversary of the fall of Berlin

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    Gratitude Certificate # 359 for taking Berlin awarded to Anna Ivanovna Vasileva on May 2nd, 1945.


    Award document for taking Berlin with the medal awarded to Lyahov Vladimir Aleksandrovich.


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    I've always found it so interesting how humans want to mark that "they" were in a place... Writing their names and other stuff on walls that have stood for a long time. I can't say I have ever understood it as I do not have the desire to put my name in places thinking that someone later will read it and wonder who I am... I traveled through Africa overland and in Egypt it was so interesting to see that Napoleon's soldiers put graffiti in the pyramids etc... I do understand that some of it might be interesting hundreds of years later but looking at the destruction of berlin and then the soldiers going all out on buildings makes me a little sad how most people will have a really hard time respecting the place they invade/liberate.  

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    @OvBacon please remember that during the period of 4 years, Germans were killing in the entire former Soviet Union children, old people, mentally ill... Only in Belarus, over 5000 villages were destroyed. Minsk, Kiev, Kharkov, Voronezh, Leningrad, Stalingrad... were also almost wiped out. Please respect this post. P.S. Germans didn't respect anything when invading the former Soviet Union. 

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    According to a relative who also signed on the Reichstag, the stench was strong from the corpses and, in addition to the painting, everyone considered it their duty to go to the place where the war came from and relieve themselves there. But the military units were hastily withdrawn from Berlin, as there was nothing for the mass of troops to do there, plus they were afraid of infection.







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