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    Prder of the Star of Romania

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    On 07/07/2020 at 13:03, new world said:

    Those eagles looks weird

    Indeed, strange eagles, no blue ribbon with the motto, strange monogram supposed to look like Carol II's (but made in the style of Carol I's), hinge below the swords and possibly wrong ribbon as well.

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    2 hours ago, Simius Rex said:

    Is this the same Ernest Blass whose amazing collection of German orders and medals was auctioned by Andreas Thies several years ago?  There was a very flattering "In Memoriam" tribute to this person in the front of the Thies catalog.  So you're saying that an agent of Mr. Blass was selling these crosses as originals?  Was that with or without Mr. Blass' knowledge?  Simi.  


     mr. rex---here's something to read. please take into consideration the source, though. he does quite a disservice to several members of this forum and disparages individuals whom i have the utmost respect for



    Edited by Eric Stahlhut
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    Having personal knowledge and dealings of/with each and every individual named in Bill Stump's comments including Bill himself, I certainly verify that there's definite truth in his assessment regarding Ernst and the general fraud scheme scene 'back in the day'.  It's obviously possible that similar conditions apply today, so educate yourself and remain aware. 

    As Eric suggests, Bill's remarks demonstrate strong bias and ad hominem argument against individuals with whom he disagreed or wished to denigrate. The article contains at least two completely misleading discussions regarding individuals [not the main players] whom he disliked that cumulate in factual error.  I attempted to contact Bill regarding his incendiary comments when I first became aware of them but he never responded. 

    Especially disturbing to me was the fact that many of the people he published inflammatory gossip concerning or imputed motives in passing to were dead when his material appeared in public purview.  Bill clearly got it right on several of them.  On others he was completely wrong--those who knew them from their work were simply astounded.  Some living persons he scorned in his piece told me in essence 'what do you expect from Bill'.  Others simply refused to be drawn into argument. 

    My point in writing this?  Consumers usually don't know or are hard put to discover author's biases.  Mixing fact with opinion, truth and rumor results in distorting or obscuring the message when the full story emerges.  Ask many politicians, the full story generally emerges!


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