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    Awards of this 1905 officier (Fregattenkapitän?) - Please help identify

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    There are only three medals, so should be easy, for you experts. I think the first ones is the China commemorative coin for fighters, with two battle clips and the second is the Prussian Centenary Medal 1897. Which is the third?


    I tried to match this officer to Leo Jacobson (later Vizeadmiral) but the awards don't seems to match, even though they look alike. Any ideas?


    Many thanks for any help.

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    Dear Raymond,

    how certain ere you of the date 1905? The St. Stanislaus is with swords, so it might have been given during the Boxer rebellion in 1900, but it might also have been given as a result of the Russo-Japanese war of 1905.

    Kind regards, Laurentius

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    I don´t think that a Red Cross medal was worn in front of the St. Stanislaus. What does make sense, though, is that the least "valuable" Prussian decoration was worn before the ones awarded from other states/countries.


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    Thanks a lot to all. I am pretty sure it was late 1905 as there are other people in the group photo to define the time. I was guessing it was the Centenar because if the officer was Leo Jacobson, he would have one. However, looks like he was not because Leo Jacobson did not seem to have the St. Stanislaus.  Anyway, it is very helpful to know he was probably not Leo Jacobson and I have more to go on. Thanks again.


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    Hi Chaps,

    he is not a line officer. The only non-line officer I could find in the 1906 Marine-Rangliste with an RSt3X and of corresponding rank was one Marine-Stabsarzt Dr. Theodor Sohler. He had been awarded this Russian award as an army medical officer (1. Ostasiatisches Infanterie-Regiment) for his service in China.



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