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    Unknown award of Char. Vizeadmiral Arthur Tapken

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    2 hours ago, 1812 Overture said:

    This is the Italian Crown Order (Grand Officer level)

    But I have a question. If EK2 was issued in 1914, then Germany and Italy are belligerents, can they still wear enemy orders?

    Italy entered the war on 23 May 1915. Tapke could have been awarded the EK2 before that date, and he would still be allowed to wear the Italian Crown Order until 23 May 1915.

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    19 hours ago, Daniel Krause said:

    Unlike in WW2, In WW1 it was never forbidden to wear enemies decorations.

    Most people did not wear it anymore but some did.

    Only thing to remove were the Initials of enemies regents from the shoulder boards of the Chef-regiments.




    Thank you two friends for your answers. I still have questions, can I wear neutral country orders in WW1? For example, Sweden and Denmark did not participate in the war

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