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I would love to know who this admiral is, 

he's wearing:

neck insignia:

1: KO2
2: maybe hessian Philipp order ?
3: I remember seeing this one, but forgot what it is
4: Zähringer Lion commander 2nd class
5: Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus commander
6: Swedish order of the Sword ?
7: Russian St. Stanislaus order


1: a Scandinavian insignia ?
2: Russian St. Stanislaus order breast star
3: Chinese order (maybe double dragon) ?

medal bar (left to right):

1: maybe RAO
2: long service
3: 1870/71 medal
4: centenary medal
5: what's that again?




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Nr. 2 is the Roter Adler Orden II klasse, Nr. 3 is Orden von Isabella der Katholikin komtur kreuz and the medal on the bar is the Kingdom of Hawaii's Royal Order of Kalākaua I companions cross



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Now searching for him in the forum, I found the thread again with the Hawaii order. There Geißler was als discussed a lot.

There is also an Austrian order of the Iron Crown 2nd class, he is wearing below the St. Stanislaus (How could I not see it, it is one of my favourite decorations)

Neck badge number 2 seems to be the württembergian Friedrichs-Orden Komtur 2. Klasse


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